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It is the image of the modern, active woman creating silver jewelry and gold becomes important . Below you will find costume jewelry 925 silver or gold high quality combining elegance , discretion and finesse. All jewelry ART'EMI are made of quality materials such as sterling silver or gold 925/000 ( unless otherwise noted) , semi -precious stones , natural pearl , leather ...

The choice of each material in this collection is decidedly harmonious and full of style. Visit immediately our jewelry collections for women 925 silver and gold earrings , necklacesbraceletsrings, who will accompany you throughout the day and night .


  • Rings

    The ring… the ring that is worn on the finger, is by far the main element of adornment, and it is also the most prized jewel. Rings of power, protection, proof of identity, brand distinction, friendship testimony and of commitment (also called 'Alliance' ring) which seal the oath of eternal love. The ring is loaded with symbolism and tells the history and beliefs of many civilizations. Art'emi offers a wide selection of silver or gold rings simple, or adorned with pearls and precious stones.

  • Bracelets

    Bracelets are a very feminine jewelry, full of style, handling a classic charm and a timeless originality. Wearing a beautiful silver or gold bracelet is also a will to be watched, and you feel immediately more feminine. If the shape of the bracelet is classic or more modern, with leather, fabrics, sterling silver, gold, precious stones with a drawstring or elastic, they are surely original, but still elegant.

  • Earrings

    The ART'EMI earrings add a finishing touch to your hairstyleThey quietly highlight the shape of your face, they match with the color of your eyes or of your clothes and they sure emphasiza your personality. In this collection you will find earrings for every taste: Creoles, drops, flowers, earrings with hook or rod. All of that at prices that allow you to change your jewelries according to your mood or the occasion.

  • Necklaces

    Nothing better than a silver or gold necklace to spoil youA Art'emi necklace is a sign of natural elegance and has the advantage of emphasize the beauty of each of us. In addition to these qualities it gives a younger looking and easily blends with all outfits.

    Wathever it's a necklace, long necklace or a pendant, simple or with precisous stones he will always put you in value

    A necklace is always an appreciated gift.

  • Engraving

    The engraving are free and you can choose the font that you want. So don't hesitate to engrave a message that will last forever.

  • Accessories

    You will find in our accessories category, keychains, money clips, brooches, cufflinks for men as well as for women. Some of them are customizable.

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40,00 € 50,00 €
925 sterling silver Dimension of boy: 22 mm X 135 mm Bracelet length: 17-18 cm Number of characters: 7 maximum per side Personalize your kid pendants by choosing the engraving option to write any message on both sides

45,00 €
Waxed cotton rope Adjustable size Seashell 925 Sterling Silver and yellow gold plated Seashell Dimension: 1 x 1,5 mm Weight: 4,4 g

39,00 €
Sterling Silver 925Semi-precious stone: turquoiseWater drop shapeWeight: 0.7 gSize of the drop: 0.8 cm x 0.6 cm

35,00 €
Mono earring for cartilage drop shaped Sterling silver 925 18k yellow gold plated Weight: 0.7 g Size of the drop: 1.2 cm x 1 cm

40,00 €
Sterling silver 925 Cotton cord Adjustable size Weight: 3,4 g Octopus size: 1,6 cm x 1,3 cm

40,00 €
Sterling silver 925 Cotton cord Adjustable size Weight: 3,4 g Seahorse size: 1,7 cm x 1 cm

45,00 €
Seashell earrings 18k yellow gold plated Dimension: 7x7,5 mm Weight: 1.1 g

35,00 €
Earrings in the shape of starfish Sterling silver 925 gold plated 18 carats Dimension: 7 mm Weight: 0.7 g

60,00 €
925 sterling silver Diameter of the coin: 2cm Length of the chain: 42 cm Number of characters: maximum 30 per side Personalize the pendant by choosing the engraving option to burn on 2 sides

55,00 €
925 sterling silverWrist size (16-18 cm)Number of characters: 10 maximum

35,00 € 40,00 €
925 sterling silver Pendant diameter: 1,5 cm Cotton rope Adjustable size Number of characters: 30 maximum per side

45,00 €
925 sterling silver Diameter of the coin: 2 cm Cotton rope Adjustable size Number of characters: 30 maximum per side Personalize the bracelet by choosing the engraving and cord color of your choice Possibilty to engrave on both sides