Want to treat yourself with an elegant and quality piece of jewelry? Looking for a gift for an occasion, or simply to show your affection? The art'emi jewelry store has everything to please you. Accessories, jewelry, silver, gold, leather, collections for women, men and children, there is something for everyone. In addition, you can enjoy free delivery to Andenne. Andenne jewelry store: discover now the creations of art'emi.

Collections to wear every day

On our e-shop, you will find jewelry and accessories to enhance all your daily outfits. Discover, for example, our silver drop earrings for women. An everyday mus-have that perfectly matches with our silver drop pendulum necklace. Men are spoiled by the art'emi jewelry as well. Treat them with elegance with a personalized silver slave bracelet and square cufflinks.

Be sure to please with the unique and original art'emi creations.

More finely-worked creations to shine during parties

Are you looking for an ornament for your next party? Dare matching jewelry! The silver coral hanging earrings embellished with the delicate silver coral necklace will not leave anyone indifferent. Looking for even more elaborated pieces? The drop stone necklace and drop stone earrings are made for you.

Art'emi has also thought of men too because we all have the right to feel good in our outfit during a party. To accessorize your suit and tie, discover the silver shirt collar whales or the round cufflinks. Looking for jewelry instead? The customizable silver military plate will perfectly match your evening wear. 

Enjoy beautiful things with the art'emi men's and women's collections.

Andenne jewelry store: also for children

We also offer a very wide range of products for children, from the smallest to the biggest. You will discover on our online shop collections of bracelets, necklaces and name bracelets for everyone. A christening coming up? Think about the crab liberty bracelet, a jewel that will perfectly accompany them in their daily activities without ever restricting their movements.

You wish to find a silver jewel, more elaborate, to be worn on special occasions? The silver angel bracelet with the matching silver angel necklace will delight the cherished child to whom you will give it.

Are you looking for a birth gift as well? The round silver baby bracelet is the ideal gift to give to a newborn child. 

Andenne jewelry store: personalize your gift

You care about someone very much and you want to show them all your love? Then, think about personalizing our creations. In the men'swomen's and children's engravings categories, you will find a whole range of jewels, each one more divine than the next, to be personalized without limit. On each customizable jewel, a plate to engrave enables you to write an eternal message on both sides. For example, you can have a date engraved on one side and a drawing on the other. Imagine a young mother who receives our personalized silver family bracelet with each one of her children's first name engraved on the front of the little characters, and their first drawing on the back. What a nice and, what is more, original attention!

Just like delivery, our personalization service is totally free. So, do not hesitate to treat a loved one with a personal message. In her workshop in Brussels, Artémi, designer of exceptional jewelry, will engrave for you, in classic or English lettering, the message of your choice.