Who is behind Art’emi ?

Artemi Vasilakis
A modern and active woman living an everyday lifestyle, Artemi Vasilakis is a Belgian creator and artist, with a diploma from the respected “Académie des Arts de Bruxelles” and from the “l’institut de Gemmologie d’Anvers” (HRD). 

After several years working and creating for the vast universe of jewelry using diamonds, it was in 2002 that she decides to create her own jewelry brand: Art’emi With her office in Brussels, Artemi Vasilakis dedicated her days to the creation of her own jewelry line, in gold or silver, floating between the contemporary style and the classic creation, being inspired by nature and by multiple contemporary forms or timeless shapes.

Between the ultra-feminine styles to the tender children jewels, from the colored gemstones to the sparkling diamonds, her creations respond always to the same exigencies of elegance and quality. Art’emi jewels are not to stay closed, not inside the box, not safe from the light and hidden from the eyes. Art’emi jewels breathe, as all women’s that use Art’emi jewels do. The refined versatility will make sportswear more sophisticated or an evening dress even more refined. Their delicacy and sobriety gives them an eternal touch of timelessness. First of all, Artemi is an artist, so she can produce and reach specific demands and standards in silver jewelry and with semiprecious gems, or demands in high-class jewelry also using gemstones. She creates precious and unique pieces that mix her own design and the character of the individual that will use it. 

One other characteristic of Artemi’s career is characterized by the partnership with large companies including Donaldson, Baton Rouge, Talking French, Celine, Nathan, Wood Work, Jack&Rose. In these partnerships, once again, Artemi has created her jewelry respecting the brand, but always mixing in her personal unique touch. Today, her creativity, her attention to the client and her professionalism are characteristics highly appreciated and sought by colleagues and clients alike. 

Artemi is always available and happy to answer your questions related to her jewelry and to discuss with you any personalized design for creation.