Silver necklace smoky quartz drop

95,00 € tax incl.

925 sterling silver 

Heart and drop shaped pendants in silver and smoky quartz

Chain length: 42 cm

Weight: 9 g

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This Art'emi necklace contains four pendants: Three drops and a heart. One of the drop pendants is made of silver, another one is too, but we can see the engraved name Art'emi on it. The last drop is smoky gray quartz.

Discover the silver earrings smoky quartz drop.


Silver 925 (also called Sterling Silver) contains at least 92.5% silver, supplemented by 7.5% copper. Pure silver is very malleable, it is this alloy of silver and copper that gives the material the strength needed to make our jewelry.
All our silver jewelry is hallmarked with the "925".

Synonyms: 925 silver, 925 sterling silver, sterling silver, 925 sterling silver, fine silver, sterling silver.

Smoky Quartz is a variety of macrocrystalline quartz, which owes its brown color to natural irradiation or caused by the aluminum salts it contains. It belongs to the group of oxides. Smoky quartz is transparent to translucent, rarely opaque, and its luster is glassy.

Smoky Quartz is adapted to the zodiac signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius.

It is a very effective anchor stone of spiritual energy.
It gently neutralizes negative vibrations, blocks geopathic stress, absorbs electromagnetic fog and contributes to detoxification on all levels.
Smoked Quartz fills the space with a positive vibration and brings relaxation.

90,00 €
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49,00 €
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80,00 €
Leather bracelet Double tour leather band Length of the bracelet: 42 cm Strap width: 2 cm Weight: 8,4 g

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