Charm ring silver silver trefle mother-of-pearl woman

170,00 €

Sterling silver 925
Charm in sterling silver and pink mother-of-pearl

The width of the ring: 7mm

Weight: 16g


New product

Charm ring silver clover mother-of-pearl trifle woman - sport a style bursting with creativity.

Are you more of a coquette type? Manage your outfit to perfection down to the last detail: in reality, does that mean anything to you? That's why this ring signed art'emi will magnetize you! The silver charm ring clover mother-of-pearl woman is a true symbol of style and elegance. It adorns every woman's hand perfectly. Its refined appearance testifies to your grace. Fascinated by the elements of nature, the designer is therefore directly inspired by them. Then let yourself be enchanted by this wonderful ring. It gives your outfit a personal touch. Looking for a girly style? Or rather want to reveal your creativity? This jewel is made for you. He is, in the end, charming. Enjoy its timeless beauty with mother-of-pearl. Discover our delicate ring without delay. Sublimate yourself with its feminine shapes.

Decorate your hands with a unique and graceful jewel with the silver clover charm ring mother-of-pearl woman.

Fine and elegant, this ring goes well with all your outfits. Its pastel colors are soft and soothing. In fact, they brighten up your clothing. It also looks after your appearance and enhances your sensitivity. A charming asset that also allows you to subtly reveal your personality. What better way to highlight your creativity and strengthen your style than the ring designed by the designer Artémi? Discover the sublime woman charm ring silver clover mother-of-pearl woman without delay.

Giving a piece of jewelry is always a great idea. Since this gift reflects the importance you place on a person. It's actually the perfect gift. In this case, art'emi offers you the silver clover mother-of-pearl charm ring for women. A ring for the most sensitive women. In this way, it accentuates the poetry of an outfit. It should be noted that it is also pleasant to wear, thanks to its lightweight.

Choose this wonderful gift, just like an exceptional woman. Bring happiness, luck, and cheerfulness to the person you love. art'emi thus offers you a world full of poetry and sweetness. Grab it now!

Get excellence with the art'emi ring.

Quality is essential in the designer's eyes. The choice of materials is therefore made as carefully as possible. Beyond their purity, they are also worked for their eternal radiance. First of all, the jewelry is incredibly beautiful beauty!

Secondly, the entire selection process is of impeccable quality. The ring of the silver charm ring clover mother-of-pearl woman is made of solid silver. The charms are made of pink mother-of-pearl clovers. This mixture is subtle and poetic. The heart and star charms are made of solid silver. Discover this ring as attractive as it is solid. Let yourself be enchanted not only by its uniqueness but also by its durability.

Looking for a ring that perfectly matches your personality? Thanks to art'emi, you have found the rare pearl! Refined and original at the same time, this charming ring accompanies you daily to enhance your hand. A fan of more elaborate and singular jewelry? This jewel perfectly meets your expectations.

The Belgian jewelry store art'emi has developed a beautiful range of jewelry for women, such as, for example, silver earrings with mother-of-pearl clover, which will perfectly match the personalized silver mother-of-pearl clover bracelet. This silver bracelet can be personalized if you wish.

45,00 €
Sterling silver 925 Gray patch and pink pearl clover Length of the earring: 20 mm 

60,00 €
925 sterling silver Gray donut and pink pearl butterfly Length of the earring: 250 mm

95,00 €
925 sterling silver The pellet and clover are pearls Clover Sterling Silver Length of the chain: 60 cm Length of pendant: 25 mm Free engraving  FREE DELIVERY

60,00 €
925 sterling silver Mother of pearl for the gray patch and the pink cloverDouble silver chain The dimension of the pendant: 25 mm Free engraving  FREE DELIVERY

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Women's rings - choose the jewel of all your desires

The ring is a very popular jewel because it is synonymous with refinement and elegance. Decorated with precious stones, diamonds, pearlescent, gold or silver, art'emi offers you different rings, each more divine than the next. Women's rings: discover quickly our splendid selection.

Why choose a ring?

A ring is above all easy to wear and to match with an outfit. Elegant or exuberant in appearance, it brings a touch of originality, a little something that enhances your look. In addition, a ring easily dresses the hand and adorns the fingers with charm. Without being too exuberant, this jewel can help you to highlight your personality.

This jewel is also perfect for a gift to a woman you love. Thanks to the many symbols that are carried to it, it can mean:

Affection ;
Protection ;
Friendship ;
This is why the ring is a wonderful gift to offer without hesitation. Be careful about the meaning of the ring you want to offer.

Women's rings - the art'emi selection

Among our wide choice of jewelry, you will find our women's rings, made with the greatest care. All are selected for their exceptional quality and purity of materials. Made of gold or silver, studded with precious stones, diamonds or mother-of-pearl, art'emi rings will delight you with their beauty.

Thanks to art'emi, you will find the jewel that really matches your personality. Are you rather discreet and precious? Our prettiest rings will then conquer your heart. Or on the contrary, do you like things that are more elaborate and singular? Pearly rings and charms will perfectly suit your expectations.

Choose carefully the woman ring that will reveal your inner Self. Check out our choice of rings now and melt for the jewel of your dreams