Butterfly necklace

50,00 € tax incl.

925 sterling silver 
Pink mother of pearl butterfly and gray pearl for the donut 
The ball is 925 sterling silver
Length of the chain: 42cm 
Length of the pendant: 20mm 

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You can combine this necklace with our butterfly earrings. A'' must'' for spring.


Silver 925 (also called Sterling Silver) contains at least 92.5% silver, supplemented by 7.5% copper. Pure silver is very malleable, it is this alloy of silver and copper that gives the material the strength needed to make our jewelry.
All our silver jewelry is hallmarked with the "925".

Synonyms: 925 silver, 925 sterling silver, sterling silver, 925 sterling silver, fine silver, sterling silver.

The pink Quartz ranks in the great family of silicates-tectosilicates.Transparent to opaque, it has a vitreous, white luster, its appearance is often cracked and its appearance more or less cloudy.

The most beautiful stones come from Madagascar and Brazil.

Meaning "love" and falling under the zodiac sign of Taurus and Libra.

The Chinese put pieces of pink quartz in the foundations of their homes during construction, to bring happiness to the home.

Mother-of-pearl is biocomposite, synthesized by molluscs throughout their existence and lining the inside of their shells. It is the thin layers of aragonite that cause the iridescence effect, its shine is pearlescent.

The word "nacre" comes from the Arabic "naqqarah". In English, it is called the name given to it by the first Queen Elizabeth: mother of pearl, mother of pearls.

60,00 €
925 sterling silver Gray donut and pink pearl butterfly Length of the earring: 250 mm

60,00 €
925 sterling silver Gray circular pendant with hole; and pink pearl butterfly Sterling silver ball Length of the double chain: 18 cm Length of the pendant: 20 mm

120,00 €
Sterling silver hoop earrings  Length of the creole: 3 cm Length of cluster: 1.5 cm Rose quartz in the form of a ball and a flower Butterfly in mother of pearl Weight: 3g

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35,00 €
925 sterling silver Rose quartz for the pink ball Length of the chain: 42 cm Diameter of the ball: 12 mm

35,00 €
925 sterling silver Rose quartz pink flower Length of the chain: 42 cm Diameter of the rose: 10 mm

99,00 €
925 sterling silver Pink mother of pearl butterfly and gray pearl for the donut The ball is 925 sterling silverLength of the double chain: 42cm Length of the pendant: 20mm 

90,00 €
925 sterling silver Shaped pendant water drop Length of the chain: 50 cm Dimension of pendant: height 17mm                                   width 9 mm

35,00 €
925 sterling silver Heart-shaped pendant Chain length 42 cm Dimension of pendant: height 12 mm                                      width 8 mm

95,00 €
925 sterling silver The pellet and clover are pearl Clover Sterling Silver Length of the chain: 60 cm Length of pendant: 25 mm

99,00 €
925 sterling silver Rose Quartz shaped ball and pink flower Mother of Pearl butterfly Length of the chain: 60 cm Length of the pendant: 15 mm

45,00 €
925 sterling silver Star-shaped pendant Length of the chain: 42 cm Diameter of the star: 10 mm

30,00 €
925 sterling silver Stone teardrop faceted and the material is smoky quartz Length of the chain: 42 cm Dimension of the pendant: height 17 mm                                         width 7 mm

35,00 €
925 sterling silver Black agate faceted for the dropLength of the chain: 42 cm Stone dimensions: height 20 mm                             width 10 mm

38,00 €
925 sterling silver Red Coral Length: 46 cm

66,00 €
925 sterling silver Length of the chain: 60 cm Length of pendant: 4 cm

180,00 €
Necklace pink gold plated 18KGemstones: Tourmaline & Cat Eye Chain length: min - 40 cm                      max - 43 cm  Length of pendant: 5.5 cm Width of pendant: 3 cm  

48,00 €
Sterling Silver necklacePearls shape of rice grainsLength of the necklace: 40 cm

70,00 €
Yellow gold plated necklace 18K Water drop shaped pendant: 3 cm x 2.2 cm Length of the chain: 40 cm to 43 cm Weight: 3.6 g

175,00 €
Necklace pink gold plated 18KPink enamel Gemstones: Tourmaline, Cat Eye, Moonstone Chain length: min - 38,5 cm                      max - 43,5 cm  Length of pendant: 5 cm  Width of pendant: 3,5 cm  Weight: 13,3g

95,00 €
925 sterling silver  Heart and drop shaped pendants in silver and smoky quartz Chain length: 42 cm Weight: 9 g

50,00 €
Sterling silver 925turquoise gemstone barLength of chain: 41.5 cmLength of the bar: 3 cmWeight: 3.1 g

50,00 €
925 sterling silver Dimension of the girl: 22 mm X 135 mm Length of the chain: 42 cm  Character Count: 7 maximum per side Personalize the kids pendants by choosing the engraving option to write on both sides

60,00 €
Necklace made of sterling silver Square-shaped pendant  Chain length: 19.5 cm Pendant: 1,5x1,5 cm Total length of the necklace: 21 cm Number of characters: 20 maximum per side

50,00 €
Necklace made of sterling silver Haert-shaped pendant  Chain length: 42 cm  Pendant: 1,5x1,5 cm  Number of characters: 20 maximum per side Free engraving

145,00 €
925 sterling silver Gold Plated - Vermeil Length of the chain: 80 cm Medallion mother of pearl

55,00 €
925 sterling silver Red Coral Length: 1m

180,00 €
18 carat pink gold plated necklaceGemstone: moonstoneBow tie fabric Length of the chain: 80 cm Ladybug pendant: length - 5cm                               width - 5cm

130,00 €
Sterling silver 925 Chain length: 87 cm Pendant length: 5 cm Weight: 27.4 g

130,00 €
Sterling silver 925 Chain length: 87 cm Pendant length: 6 cm Weight: 28,9 g

85,00 €
Sterling Silver 925 Heart Shaped Pendant Length of the chain: 80 cm Size of the pendant: 5 cm X 5 cm Weight: 16.6 g

70,00 €
Ball necklace in sterling silver Length of chain: 60 cm Length of the pendant: 3 cm Width of pendant: 2cm Total length of the necklace: 63 cm You can engrave on each side Number of characters: 32 maximum per side

60,00 €
925 sterling silver Diameter of the coin: 2cm Length of the chain: 42 cm Number of characters: maximum 30 per side Personalize the pendant by choosing the engraving option to burn on 2 sides

Nothing better than a silver or gold necklace to spoil you! A Art'emi necklace is a sign of natural elegance and has the advantage of emphasize the beauty of each of us. In addition to these qualities it gives a younger looking and easily blends with all outfits.

Wathever it's a necklace, long necklace or a pendant, simple or with precisous stones he will always put you in value

A necklace is always an appreciated gift.