Silver ring natural stone

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Sterling silver 925

Precious stone: black agate or pink quartz

Width at the top of the ring: 30 mm

Width of the ring at the bottom: 6mm

Weight: 23g


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With this sublime 925 sterling silver ring you wont need any other jewelry.

You can choose between a black agate or pink quartz ring, depending on the choice of your outfit.

A feminine ring, romantic and easy to wear. This gem Art'emi will give your hand a magic glow.

See our necklaces or earrings and find your perfect match for this ring. 


Silver 925 (also called Sterling Silver) contains at least 92.5% silver, supplemented by 7.5% copper. Pure silver is very malleable, it is this alloy of silver and copper that gives the material the strength needed to make our jewelry.
All our silver jewelry is hallmarked with the "925".

Synonyms: 925 silver, 925 sterling silver, sterling silver, 925 sterling silver, fine silver, sterling silver.

Black agate is a variety of chalcedony which is characterized by successive deposits of different colors or tones, black agate is a fine opaque and solid stone with a smooth  surface once polished.

Meaning "will" and falling under the zodiac sign of Leo.

The pink Quartz ranks in the great family of silicates-tectosilicates.Transparent to opaque, it has a vitreous, white luster, its appearance is often cracked and its appearance more or less cloudy.

The most beautiful stones come from Madagascar and Brazil.

Meaning "love" and falling under the zodiac sign of Taurus and Libra.

The Chinese put pieces of pink quartz in the foundations of their homes during construction, to bring happiness to the home.

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925 sterling silver Black agate faceted for the dropLength of the chain: 42 cm Stone dimensions: height 20 mm                             width 10 mm

48,00 €
Sterling Silver necklacePearls shape of rice grainsLength of the necklace: 40 cm

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The ring… the ring that is worn on the finger, is by far the main element of adornment, and it is also the most prized jewel. Rings of power, protection, proof of identity, brand distinction, friendship testimony and of commitment (also called 'Alliance' ring) which seal the oath of eternal love. The ring is loaded with symbolism and tells the history and beliefs of many civilizations. Art'emi offers a wide selection of silver or gold rings simple, or adorned with pearls and precious stones.