Earrings pink flower

Earrings pink flower quartz


925 Sterling silver

Rose quartz carved rose-shaped 
Length earring: 10 mm

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Earrings pink flower quartz : a sensual pair

Are you looking for a gift for your dear and tender and hesitate between jewelry or a bouquet of roses? Why not combine the two by offering this delicate country and romantic pair of pink quartz earrings. Tender memory of the mornings spent under the duvet sheltered from morning dew and fresh morning air, these earrings will have a very special connotation and will bring back warm memories in you.

Art'emi and quality

The Belgian jewelry on line store art'emi presents you quality jewelry made from unique materials. The frames of these earrings are made from solid silver (usually also called sterling silver or 925 silver). This type of material contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It is this combination of silver and copper that gives the material the strength needed to make these earrings. Moreover, all art'emi silver jewelry bears the "925" hallmark as a sign of quality.

The pink ornaments are made of pink quartz. This stone comes in a range of colours from pale pink to dark pink. It is the presence of trace elements that gives it its beautiful pink colour. Quartz is also called crystal, (from the Greek krystallos: ice). In lithotherapy (a method of healing with crystals), quartz is the stone of the heart, love and peace.

Pink pink quartz earrings, an ode to love

Offer this jewel with the queen of flowers to the queen of women: your wife. Synonymous with freshness and softness, this pair will awaken her sensitivity and fill her with joy. Don't forget that you can have all your artemi creations delivered free of charge anywhere in the world. Finally, if you would like more information about our products, you can contact us online. The whole happy family remains at your disposal to answer your questions.

Discover morning dew with this pair of earrings with a rose-shaped pink rose quartz.
And why not combine it with the necklace pink flower ?

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