Flower tourmaline earrings

Flower tourmaline earrings


Pink gold plated 18K

Semi-precious stone: Tourmaline

Flower pendant 1.5 cm

Weight: 3 g 

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Flower tourmaline earrings : a perfect pair for spring

Perfect for sunny days and just like spring, this pair of tourmaline flower earrings will highlight your face in the softest way. Like the sensual and radiant woman that you are, these charming curls will quickly become your essential for spring / summer.

Quality, the key word of art'emi

Made from unique materials, art'emi jewelry is of a rare quality. For example, these magnificent tourmaline flower earrings for women were made of vermeil. This is solid silver that has been plated with gold with a minimum thickness of 3 microns. The process is called electrolysis. The gold used for plating is 18-carat gold, consisting of at least 75% pure gold. Moreover, vermeil does not give an allergy since it is silver covered with gold, two anallergic metals! Finally, another advantage of vermeil is that it has a unique resistance. If that's not the ideal solution!

In addition, the small semi-precious stone in the center of the earring is none other than tourmaline. Tourmaline comes from the Sinhala word "turmali", which means "mixed". It comes in many colors and combinations than any other gemstone variety. It is a wonderful and fascinating stone that protects against harmful energies. She's like a chameleon.

A moment of tenderness with the art'emi tourmaline flower earrings

Synonymous with freshness and softness, this pair will awaken your sensitivity and softness. Don't forget that you can have all our jewelry delivered free of charge anywhere in the world. Finally, if you would like more information about our products, you can contact the happy family art'emi. The entire team remains at your disposal to answer your questions.

The earrings are part of a set specially designed for spring. A delicate, refined and original set. Behold here the Tourmaline Flower Necklace and the Tourmaline Flower Bracelet.

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