Hanging turquoise cluster earrings
  • Hanging turquoise cluster earrings
  • Hanging turquoise cluster earrings

Hanging turquoise cluster earrings


Massive silver 925

Fine stone: turquoise

Earring length: 4 cm

Weight: 2.7g

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Hanging turquoise cluster earring : an intoxicating pair

It is like a grape bunch that is created this pair of earrings turquoise bunches. It is a jewel with oval shapes, light colors and noble materials. A few ingredients were enough to combine beauty and comfort in a single piece of jewelry. It is undeniable that despite their simple and refined style, these buckles remain no less original with their small turquoise touches. In addition, the shades of light blue with a slight green tinge will make you relive an unforgettable summer.

Exceptional jewelry and art'emi

The art'emi jewelry store offers you quality jewelry made from unique materials. Here, the earrings are made of 925 silver (commonly known as solid silver, or sterling silver). This type of silver contains 92.5% silver, but also 7.5% copper. It is this combination of silver and copper that gives the material the strength necessary to make these jewels. All the art'emi silver jewellery bears the "925" hallmark as a sign of quality and expertise.

In addition, the pearls are turquoise. Turquoise is an ornamental fine stone from light blue to blue-green, opaque. It belongs to the phosphates class and owes its colour to copper ore. Turquoise is found in masses, sometimes forming small veins or kidneys in their natural state. In addition, the Persians used it in the manufacture of fabulous jewelry that today would be called ethnic jewelry.

The art'emi hanging turquoise cluster earrings, a concentrate of perfection

Discreet and evocative of a summer by the sea, the turquoise bunches earrings woman will plunge you into wonderful summer dreams ! Indeed, they lead us to the clear waters of tropical lagoons. Isn't that a dream. In addition, we remind you that you can have all art'emi creations delivered free of charge anywhere in the world. Finally, we remain at your entire disposal to answer your questions.

Art'emi jewelry offers you a magical collection of necklacesbracelets and earrings. High quality jewelry created in our workshop in Belgium. When I tell you that turquoise is magical....

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