Long necklace Chanel woman

Long necklace Chanel woman


Length of the necklace: 80CM 

Diameter of the rose-shaped flower in fabric rep: 8cm 

Diameter of cultured pearls: 15 mm

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Long necklace Chanel woman : an invitation to distinction

The Chanel women's necklace is an emblematic and characterful necklace. Very elegant, it is available in black and white. It consists of a fabric part and a part made of delicate mother-of-pearl pearls. It will be a perfect reflection of the personality of strong, determined and ambitious women. It is a timeless necklace that can be worn on any occasion.

Silver and the original creations by art'emi

The art'emi Brussels jewelry store offers you quality jewelry made from unique materials. Here, the pearls of the necklace Chanel necklace woman is made from mother-of-pearl. Mother-of-pearl is a biocomposite, synthesized by molluscs throughout their lives by lining the inside of their shells. The word "mother-of-pearl" comes from the Arabic "naqqarah". In English, it is called after the name given to it by the first Queen Elizabeth: mother of pearl.

The rest of the necklace is made of a soft white or black fabric (at your convenience). This fabric has white or black topstitching, which contrasts with the rest of the jewelry and gives it a very special cachet. There is also a large flower on the left side of the necklace. It breaks the strict and classic look of the saltire.

The Chanel necklace for women, a concentrate of French class (Belgian style)

A great classic and a symbol of French luxury, this long necklace will sublimate your most beautiful toilets. Pearls have almost a magical power. Every time you wear them, you feel like you're in the famous role of Audrey Hepburn in her famous movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. We remind you that you can have all our creations delivered free of charge throughout the world. In addition, the package will arrive with a certificate of authenticity and a one-year guarantee. Finally, we remain at your entire disposal to answer all your questions.

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