Customizable pendants for children

Art'emi's range of customizable children's pendants

Discover our range of customizable children's pendants from Art'emi jewelry store. Looking for a special piece of jewelry that you can make unique? The pendant is the ideal gift for little monsters! Indeed, you can make a unique jewel with our different pendants and chains for children. Let your imagination run wild and make you dream by offering the perfect gift.

Is it possible to engrave the children's pendants?

Of course it is! And for this, the designer Artemi offers you the personalization service. You can therefore personalize pendants ad infinitum. We offer you to choose the writing you wish to see on the pendant. Then, choose the message you want to convey, a little love note or his initials. Finally, if you wish to add a small symbol, you can choose the favorite animal of your little darling or its astrological sign? The customizable pendants for children are the ideal gift that lasts in time so that they keep this memory throughout their life.

Finally, let yourself be tempted by our perfect selection of children's chains to accompany the pendant of your choice.

Jewelry for a lifetime

When we give a piece of jewelry to a child, it is true that we want them to take care of it. However, we know children and all their adventures well. That's why Art'emi Jewelry is committed to making quality jewelry. Indeed, all metals are of exceptional quality. Consequently, the children's customizable pendants are made of solid silver. This metal is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, which gives the jewels a great solidity and resistance. Have no fear for the pendants, children will keep this magnificent gift for a very long time.

Finally, don't hesitate to write us if you have any questions about personalization, a particular piece of jewelry or anything else. The Art'emi team will be happy to answer you!