Are you looking for a talented jeweler for a jewelry repair in Brussels? Call on a craftswoman capable of working on any piece of antique or modern jewellery: contact the Art'emi jewellery store! Artémi Vasilakis welcomes you to his jewelry workshop to bring your favorite jewelry back to life. Whether it is a ring, a bracelet, a watch, or any other type of precious metal object, Artémi will be able to repair it. Here's everything there is to know about the jewelry repair service Art'emi.

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What services does Art'emi provide?

Where to get your jewelry repaired?

The important thing when you want to have your jewelry repaired is to find the jeweler who will know how to restore it, whether it is the pendant or the chain. Putting your jewelry for repair at Artémi means being able to trust a qualified craftswoman, who cares about her customers. This jeweler can sublimate and bring your jewelry back to life by finding the precious or semi-precious stones closest to the original ones.

How does a repair work? Come to the workshop with your jewelry and Artémi will take care of everything! In addition, whether you are in Schaerbeek, Saint-Gilles, Forest or any other municipality in Brussels, you can drop off your broken jewellery at the workshop or send it by post to have it repaired by Artémi.

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What is the price of a silver or gold jewelry repair?

To begin with, the price of repairing your jewelry will vary according to the expertise required for its restoration. However, other criteria will also have to be taken into account.

First of all, the calculation of the price of your repair will depend on the piece of jewelry you want to restore. The material is therefore necessarily taken into account in the estimate of your restoration budget. For example, for a gold jewelry repair, the price differences will follow those of the purchase market depending on the degree of purity and carats. This repair is also possible on all possible gold colors, i.e.: 

  • White gold or white gold;
  • Rose gold;
  • All types of yellow gold.

Similarly, for a silver jewelry repair, changing the links or re-soldering a solid silver or sterling silver alloy ring, will not cost you the same amount.

Artémi Vasilakis offers a totally tailor-made service, whose prices are adapted to the different constraints of the jewel brought. For a free quote, you can contact her by phone or email! 

What is the time limit for a professional jewelry repair in Brussels?

Generally speaking, having a piece of jewelry repaired by a professional can be done in a few weeks or even months. However, some jewelers offer shorter lead times, such as just a few hours. Yet, in order to be properly restored, most broken jewelry deserves much more time and attention than a few minutes!

Artemi Vasilakis, on the other hand, usually takes fifteen days for a gold or silver jewelry repair. This time can of course change depending on the model of jewelry and the various repairs to be undertaken. For example, for particularly complex jewellery such as jewellery or jewellery with high-value precious stones, this period can be as long as a month.

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We can say it: Art'emi is now one of the best artisanal jewelry stores in Brussels. Artémi Vasilakis offers you not only to repair but also to clean and polish your jewelry, regardless of its material. In addition, thanks to her training in gemology, she knows how to recognize and set diamonds and other fine stones like no one else! 

Would you like to restore jewelry dear to your heart in this Brussels jewelry store? Located in the centre of Ixelles, it is easily accessible from the centre: Stalingrad, Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Jacques, Van Artevelde, Rue Neuve... Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact Artémi Vasilakis via the contact form on the site or by phone.

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