How it all started

To understand the inspirations and original creations ofart'emi, let's go back a few years. Artemi Vasilakis has loved jewelry since childhood. It is in Greece that his passion for jewellery originates. Indeed, the little girl she was remembers being fascinated by the jewelry workshops she meets during her walks. Adventurous and curious from an early age, she loved to see everything that was going on there. Imagine yourself, as a child, in Greece (a simply magical island), in a jewelry workshop... Your eyes have to sparkle, don't you?

Our beginnings in jewellery

A graduate of the Brussels Academy of Arts, and the Institute of Gemmology in Antwerp (HRD), Artémi Vasilakis decided to go into jewellery and make his dreams come true. She created the brand art'emi in 2002 and entered a previously unknown world.

Based in the centre of Belgium in Brussels, Artémi is therefore fully dedicated to the creation of handcrafted jewellery. At first fascinated and inspired by silver, she later offered jewels in gold, leather, vermeil... Indeed, silver is an easy metal to work with, but also and above all a material for all tastes and budgets, which perfectly echoes the brand's values.

Moreover, nature as well as contemporary and timeless forms are also sources of inspiration for the designer. In addition, it can easily go from women's jewellery to children's jewellery via the men's box. You can say that it touches a little on all genres, but always taking care to create timeless jewelry that resembles you.

A story in several chapters

His first flagship collection consisted of silver jewellery in the shape of a drop. It is still today a theme that can be found in his creations, in the image of a common thread. It's THE touch art'emi. This collection comes in several models, which we invite you to find here. This is the first chapter of the adventure art'emi.

Its second chapter opens with the coral collection. A simple, timeless collection that remains elegant and original. Once again, it is nature that finds itself at the heart of its jewels and inspires the designer so much.

Finally, it is the alliance of quartz and money that is put in the spotlight in the third chapter ofart'emi. Timeless and unstoppable, this association will surprise you and envelop you with sweetness.

To conclude, art'emi it is above all a story of passion, timelessness and curiosity. The mix of materials, authenticity and know-how are the watchwords of the brand. Art'emi takes you in its creative momentum by offering simple silver jewelry ranges, but also collections set with fine colored stones or diamonds. It combines without any difficulty sublime contemporary creations with very delicate fine jewelry.