You want to treat someone with a good quality gift? The art'emi - Schaerbeek - online jewelry store allows you to order customizable gold or silver jewelry and accessories for the whole family!

Women's customizable jewelry

With the wish to best match the image of today's woman, the Belgian designer has created a collection of trendy, elegant and high-quality jewelry and accessories in 925 silver or gold. To add even more value to your jewelry, you can find some with semi-precious stones, or made of leather. Want to make them unique? Then, personalize them! Many of our jewels and accessories are customizable. You can, for example, have an important date engraved on customizable women's bracelets

Customizable men's jewelry

It is a new age for men who pay a lot attention to their look and appearance. That's why art'emi has designed an equally extensive collection of jewelry and accessories for you, gentlemen. You will find chic and modern pieces of jewelry and accessories, such as the timeless cufflink, as well as a customizable money clip or a personalized oval silver key ring. For a more personal jewel or accessory, art'emi has a wide range of men's pieces that can be personalized. See, for example, one of our flagship products: the silver military plate

Customizable jewelry for your children

A junior collection of necklaces, bracelets and identity bracelets is also available on our website for your children, and even for your baby with, for example, the classic silver identity baby bracelet

Find all our customizable jewelry for men, women and children on the art'emi - Schaerbeek jewelry store - website.

Your Schaerbeek jewelry store in your computer

It's like you were there, except that you don't have to go anywhere and have more options than in a regular physical jewelry store. Indeed, your purchase will be delivered to your home at no extra cost, as shipping is free in Belgium and throughout the European Union.