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If you are looking for a jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels, welcome to Art'emi. In addition to offering you a variety of unique and original creations, we also offer the customization of your jewelry. Thanks to our engraving workshop in Brussels you are free to engrave a name, a date, a drawing or a text on your jewel in just 24 hours.

To create an engraving on your signet, on your ring, on your gourmette or on your watch, our jewelry store in Brussels has the necessary experience and know-how. From personalized engravings on silver to engravings on stone or metal: we are able to engrave any type of jewel.

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Discover Artemis: the jewellery craftsman from your engraving workshop in Brussels

A graduate of the Brussels Academy of Arts and the Antwerp Institute of Gemology, you can trust Artemis' know-how. Following ancestral techniques for her creations, your jeweler makes all her jewelry by hand. 

Made of solid silver 925, yellow gold 18 Carats or rose gold, each of his jewels is made from noble materials. 

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Engraving to personalize your jewel

Customizing a jewel is a great way to make your bracelet, gourmet or medal unique. By choosing engraving, you opt for originality. In addition to this, an engraved jewel is often symbolic. Depending on the message you write, your jewel will have a very strong sentimental value. Thus, in addition to being aesthetically refined, your jewel will carry a singular message. This is why the engraved jewel is such a special gift. Our jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels takes into account all your desires.

If you wish, we advise you on the ideal engraving to do on your jewel. Depending on the material, the shape, the type of jewel and the meaning you want to give to your engraved jewel, we give you ideas for engravings for a woman's jewel, a man's jewel or for a gift to offer to your partner for example. Nevertheless, you are the sole decision-maker: we make the engraving you want. At Art'emi, we want to create a jewel that suits you.

Your engraving workshop in Brussels offers you a wide range of jewelry

All occasions are good to offer a jewel to a person who is dear to you. Whether for a woman, a man or even a child, your Artemis jewelry designer offers you customizable creations, ranging from costume jewelry to the original accessory.

You have to make a gift and lack inspiration? Discover below some customization ideas that your jewelry maker can make:

- A coin will be an ideal gift for a man. Personalize it to make your gift unique.

- Looking for a birthday gift for women? Opt for a silver chain with a pendant.

- An engraved gourmette will be ideal for the baptism or communion of a child. In addition, we offer bracelets in the form of an adjustable cord. This will allow you to adapt it according to the size of the child's wrist and you can choose a color.

Our workshop in Brussels gives you engraving ideas

At Art'emi, we have worked several times with people who want to have their jewel engraved, without knowing which message to write on it. If this is your case, rest assured, our experience in the field of engraving gives us the necessary keys to enlighten you on the subject. 

The first thing to know is: to whom do you want to offer this jewel? Is it a jewel for you or a gift for your partner, best friend, or for your mom? Depending on the recipient, we are able to offer you a variety of engraving models and ideas to have inscribed on your jewel. Thanks to this, you will have the necessary inspiration to choose the text to engrave on your jewel that suits you best!

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Art'emi: a jewelry store in Brussels specialized in engraving

In Brussels, our jewelry store is a reference in jewelry engravings. We engrave each jewel with meticulousness and delicacy and that makes the difference. No matter what type of jewel you want to engrave, we have techniques that allow us to guarantee you an engraving of excellence. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, gourmets, pendants or chains: each jewel deserves to be personalized.

Since 1995, we have been showcasing unique creations in our workshop in Brussels. Following the opening of our artisanal jewelry store, we immediately chose to create an engraving workshop to complete our offer. What we like most about engraving is to see the diversity of profiles that are interested in it. Men, women and children: no matter age, gender or identity, the acquisition of an engraved jewel attracts a very varied population. Our jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels works for a very diverse clientele and this is one of our main riches.

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Engrave your jewelry but also your personal items !

In addition to jewelry, our engraving shop in Brussels also offers you the possibility to personalize your personal items: we ensure engravings on keychains and plates in Brussels. After all, every object deserves to be converted into a unique and original creation. 

Our engraving workshop in Brussels combines professionalism, know-how and precision to offer you the jewel you have always dreamed of. Our wish is to offer you creations different from those you have been able to acquire in the past. This pushes us to offer you handmade, original and creative jewelry, made thanks to a remarkable technicality.

At Art'emi, we seek to bring to life each of the jewels we offer you: engraving is one of the ways that allows us to achieve this. 

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A special request for your jewelry engraving in Belgium ? Entrust it to the know-how of Art'emi

In addition to offering you the creation of your personalized jewel in Belgium, Art'emi can take care of your special requests. Practicing the art of engraving for twenty years, the precision of his achievements is recognized in the world of jewelry. 

Do you have solid silver cutlery that you would like to customize? Thanks to the robustness of sterling silver 925, your cutlery can go through generations without oxidizing. The same goes for a family jewel or an accessory passed down from generation to generation. Whatever the metal of your jewel or accessory, Artemis offers you to engrave it. Opt for a jewel engraving in Belgium to give it the touch of uniqueness it deserves. For these special requests, simply fill out the contact form available on the website. 

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An engraving workshop in Brussels on precious metals

Your jeweler Art'emi offers you different types of precious metals for her creations:

- Money

- Yellow and rose gold

- But also, the vermeil

Whichever one you prefer, the expertise of your jeweler in the field of engraving allows her to guarantee you extreme precision and finesse during her achievements. You don't know which typography to choose for your jewelry. Art'emi listens to you and advises you to make the jewel that suits you.

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Are you looking for a personalized jewel in Belgium ? Choose Art'emi as your engraving workshop in Brussels

It is not always easy to find a jeweler who directly engraves your jewel in Belgium. That's why your Artemis jeweler offers you its personalization service via its website. It is also possible to have an item you already own engraved. 

Artemis offers this personalization service throughout Belgium. Whether you live in Uccle, Ixelles, Etterbeek or even Watermael-Boitsfort or Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, you will only have to send your jewel or accessory to Art'emi so that she can carry out the desired engraving and she will send it back to you as soon as it is made!

Are you looking for the answer to one of your questions about our engraving workshop in Brussels ?

Find below a small overview of the questions that are regularly addressed to us. Would you like more information about jewel engraving in Belgium? A subject guide is available on our website. You can also contact us to find out more !

All the precious metals and semi-precious stones needed for our creations come from Europe. In addition to limiting the pollution caused by the transport of raw materials, this also allows us to guarantee you better traceability of the products used.

It is possible to order one of our creations wherever you are in Belgium, but also in Europe. In addition, you will be able to benefit from free shipping in Belgium as in Europe! Enjoy it and fall for one of our creations.

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