Are you looking for gift ideas for Father's Day, your boyfriend or even for your son's birthday but are lacking inspiration? Find here our top 10 of the best engraving ideas for men to surprise the men around you with a unique piece of jewelry. Symbols of victory, power and strength, men's jewelry was already very popular during ancient Greece and remains highly prized by men today. We can even observe certain trends in recent years, especially on customizable jewelry.

Top 10 engraving ideas for men

1. Burn a tie clip

For a chic and refined style, a personalized tie clip will prove to be a must have in the male wardrobe. Sworn with his initials, the personalized art'emi tie clip will be jealous of the office.

2. The famous bracelet to engrave

A great classic of jewelry, the engraved curb chain , with a first name in particular, has once again established itself as a trend of recent years in Belgium, France and also across the Atlantic. It can be his own first name or that of a relative.

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3. A customizable bracelet

If you prefer another style of bracelet, find all of our customizable bracelet offer on our dedicated page. For example, a date can be engraved on one of our pretty bangles or even significant initials on our medal bracelet.

4. Custom-made cufflinks

If your darling or dad finds their work suits boring, give them personalized cufflinks with a design or symbol. In addition to a unique style, this personalized accessory is a nice way to convey a message in all discretion.

personalized engraved cufflinks

5. A money clip

Men often like to keep their money in their pocket. If a wallet doesn't fit there, surprise it with a money clip stamped with a personal message.


6. Personalize a military plaque

A personalized military plaque is a necklace loved by many men. It can be engraved with a message or even an important date (s) for the wearer. He can for example bear the geographical coordinates of the birth of his children. If you want a different kind of necklace, go to our dedicated page.

7. And a sober pendant?

If the man to whom you wish to offer a personalized jewel, already wears a chain around his neck or a cord bracelet, you can add a pretty silver pendant adorned with a word or several first names.

8. Engraved shirt collar ribs

A sentence written by yourself, can be engraved on a customizable collar whale. This is a surprising and exciting gift because no one will know what is hiding under your sweetheart's collar.

9. Key rings with personalized inscription

If your male relative does not wear jewelry but you want to give him a unique gift, have an Art'emi keychain engraved. A sentence, dates, a drawing, think of a unique message that will make your gift special in the eyes of your lover, brother, cousin ...

10. The twin jewels

A personalized and common jewel! Have two twin pieces of jewelry engraved that will only have meaning for those who wear them. It could for example be a sentence, divided in two. The first part, visible on one of the jewels, will then be completed by the second, inscribed on the second. Here is a great idea for a father-son gift or for a common jewelry for Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary.

The engraving workshop art'emi enters your message

Elegant, virile, or rather discreet, while being original and creative, customizable jewelry for men will delight your male relatives. From cufflinks, to more discreet and classic bangles, through necklaces, let your imagination run free to design the next gift you are going to give. The wide range of art'emi customizable jewelry will allow everyone to find a gift to their liking.

Do not hesitate to visit us in our jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels for your ideas for text to engrave. We work in 24 hours on your jewelry and objects to be engraved.

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