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Do you want to shrink your wedding ring, your family ring or a piece of jewelry that is close to your heart? When a ring doesn't fit perfectly with the diameter of your finger, it quickly becomes very uncomfortable and you could lose it. That's why Art'emi offers you to have your ring shrink in Brussels. Do you live near Ixelles such as in Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek, or Uccle? Come and see us at the workshop located in the heart of Ixelles to get a personalized quote for the shrinkage of your ring.

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Where to shrink a ring in Brussels?

The shrinkage of a classic or adjustable ring can be done in any jewelry store. However, as soon as your ring has more technical features, such as a gemstone setting, solitaire or engraving, you will need to call on more qualified jewelers.

In addition, depending on the size of the shrinkage to be made, the tools and methods used may differ. For example, to shrink a ring by less than one size, the technique consists of making the precious metal malleable and then stretching the jewel. For this, a simple tricannonball and a mallet are enough. Otherwise, for a shrinkage of more than one size, it will be necessary to remove a strip and glue the two parts back together. 

Call on a qualified jeweler to adjust your ring correctly without damaging it, contact Artémi!

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Measuring to shrink your ring

The first step when you want to resize a piece of jewelry is to take correct measurements. You can do this yourself by referring to the size matching chart. You will then need to find the circumference of your finger in cm and then convert it to the corresponding ring size. You can rely on Art'emi's ring size guide chart for this.

Otherwise, come directly to the jewelry store at Art'emi, we offer you to take your measurements for free. Moreover, thanks to his training but especially to his years of experience in the field of high jewelry, Artémi Vasilakis is able to give you your precise size in a few minutes. She knows the specificities of each type of finger and will therefore be able to offer you solutions adapted to your expectations.

Among the jewels that Artémi Vasilakis can shrink are:

  • Signet rings;
  • Gold and silver rings, set or not;
  • Engagement rings or wedding bands for men or women.

Note: the price to shrink your gold or silver ring will vary depending on the complexity of the jewelry but also the size difference to be achieved. Get a personalized quote by visiting us at the workshop!

Shrinking a ring at Art'emi in Brussels

The size of the fingers tends to change a lot over the years. So a ring that was perfectly in your size just a few months ago can quickly become too big. In addition, a few millimeters can be enough to make a finger jewel too big. And, unfortunately, a large ring that spins is quickly lost!

To reduce the size of your ring, all you have to do is go to the Art'emi store in Ixelles. If you are in Stalingrad, Van Artevelde, Sainte-Catherine, Mont des Arts or Rue Neuve, you can easily access the workshop located nearby. After having carried out the measurements previously indicated, Artémi Vasilakis will then be able to give you a live quote.

Benefit from fast and quality ring shrinkage!

Once your ring is dropped off at the workshop, you will only have to wait an average of 15 days to come and pick it up and enjoy a ring that fits perfectly in your size. In addition, you should know that the time to shrink a gold ring in Brussels is the same as for any other precious material.

Finally, if you wish, Artémi Vasilakis can also offer you its restoration, cleaning or polishing services. Thanks to her multiple skills, this artisan jeweler is able to offer you an all-in-one service. Contact her for any service request and enjoy your pretty ring as good as new and in your size!

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