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Do you live in the Belgian capital and are you looking for a jewelry store near you? A special occasion is approaching and you want to be sure to give the person you love a gift that will really please them? Then, discover all the creations of the jewelry store in Brussels Art'emi. Our jewelry and accessories, made from the finest materials, will hit the mark and delight the heart of the person to whom you will offer them. In addition, we have an engraving workshop in Brussels that allows you to personalize your jewelry. You will have unique and original jewelry that looks like you.

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Artisan jeweller in Brussels: unique jewellery made with passion

Passionate about jewelry since her early childhood, Artemis – jewelry manufacturer – offers timeless and ethical jewelry pieces. Timeless because we want to create handmade artisanal jewelry that lasts over time and is passed down from generation to generation. But also ethical because we are committed to making jewelry from quality metals of European origin.

Artemis – jeweller and artisan jeweller in Brussels – has created his paw as and when his jewelry collections. It is a mixture of materials, originality and know-how. We offer different collections for all styles: simple jewelry in gold and silver, but also jewelry in precious stones or fine stones with precious metals. In addition, we offer a collection for the whole family: jewelry for women, for men and for children.

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Among all our collections of customizable jewelry, for women, men and children, know that engraving is completely free. You can already have an overview of the final rendering on our e-shop, by clicking on the jewel of your choice. Artemis, a Belgian designer, engraved the jewellery herself in her studio in Brussels, located on Avenue Louise. 

Thanks to the free personalization, you can offer a truly personal, and 100% unique gift. On all men's engravingswomen's engravings and children's engravings, you can have both sides of your jewel engraved: a first name, a word, a date, a quote, a drawing... Anything is possible.

Women's collections

You will undoubtedly find something to make you happy among our jewelry and accessories for women. Whether it is to please you, or to offer to a person who matters to you, Art'emi – Bijouterie Bruxelles – has imagined special pieces, all more surprising than the others.

First of all, discover the women's rings. Symbol of infinity, the ring can have several meanings. There are both friendship rings and love rings. So now it's up to you to make your choice. Discover in particular the black agate ring in silver. Sophisticated and elegant, it will suit all women of character. The quartz pink silver ring will perfectly reflect the personality of creative women. 

Then, find the women's bracelets. Melt for the silver mother-of-pearl clover bracelet, ideal for embellishing an evening outfit. To wear on a daily basis, also opt for the silver slave bracelet or the silver medal bracelet.

In addition, you will find a whole collection of women's earrings ready to be worn. Drop Stone earrings will be perfect for a special occasion, to match with a sober outfit, while shell earrings will be easily worn on a daily basis. Small and discreet, they will not disturb you during your day.

And finally, we have a whole assortment of women's necklaces. Let yourself be tempted by a delicate silver necklace rose ball, or by an original necklace of silver pearls.

Are you looking for women's accessories ? So, discover our silver heart keychain or our sublime pink flower brooch in fabric.

Jewellery Brussels: accessories and jewellery for men

For men, the art'emi jewelry store in Brussels offers strong and characterful pieces for you or a loved one. You will see, some are must-haves to always have on you.

First, discover a multitude of men's accessories. You will first find simple designs, such as the oval silver keychain, Richard shirt collar whales, silver note clip or men's cufflinks in round, oval, rectangular or square shape.

In a second time, you can discover the men's necklaces. From our silver military plate to the round silver medal necklace, you will find something to satisfy your style requirements.

Finally, men's bracelets are numerous in the Art'emi collection. For example, the target rope bracelet or the silver medal bracelet are discreet and refined jewelry that will match your everyday outfits. Discover also our gourmettes man in solid silver 925.

Free engraving and delivery throughout Belgium

Free engraving and delivery throughout Belgium

Jewellery Brussels: also for children

Children are not left out! Do you want to please your child or a young member of your family? Our collection for juniors has been designed especially for them.

Know first of all that our children's bracelets are solid and will accompany them without problem through all the activities that punctuate their days. The silver airplane bracelet as well as the silver boat bracelet will appeal to explorers in search of adventure, the target rope bracelet and the heart medal bracelet will remind them daily of all the love you have for them.

Also discover the children's necklaces. The wisest will not be able to resist the silver angel necklace, while those in search of freedom and independence will appreciate the silver horse necklace, a jewel that sticks to their proud character. 

Do you want to give a birth gift? Discover also our baby products: the baby silver gourmet and the baby personalized silver round gourmette. The ideal gift to give to a child from an early age.

Our jewelry store delivers the products free of charge to your home in a teddy bear packaging, respectful of the environment.

Bouton de manchette Bruxelles

Artisan jeweler Brussels: Art'emi, outstanding jeweler in engraving

Not only Art'emi has a jewelry workshop, but also an engraving workshop. Your artisan jeweler in Brussels has all the necessary know-how to excel in the world of jewelry.

Thanks to her experience and talent, she is able to customize any jewel. Whether it is jewelry from the collection ofArt'emi or even family jewelry or big brands. It can burn whatever you want. Her precision and professionalism make her an outstanding jeweller capable of engraving on all your jewellery. We are, for example, able to engrave: 

- A registration 

- A date

- A drawing

- Or a message

In addition, we engrave your jewel for free. Before placing an order for a personalization, you must enter your message, leave a comment if you wish, and validate on "save personalization."

We transform your simple jewelry into unique and original jewelry. Whether it's men's engravings, women's engravings and children's engravings, our customizable jewelry collections are made for the whole family. It is important to us to create jewelry that looks like you. So, do not wait any longer and have the message of your dreams engraved on our jewelry Art'emi, your jewelry store in Brussels.

Bijouterie Bruxelles: delivery in the 19 municipalities of the capital

Are you looking for a jewellery store in Brussels, but you want to have your jewel/accessory delivered to one of the 19 municipalities? Be aware that, just like personalization, our delivery service is free. We are able to deliver your jewelry throughout the Brussels region, such as Uccle, Forest, Ixelles, Saint-Josse or Evere for example. The products Art'emi – jewellery Store Brussels – are even available free of charge in France, the EU and some countries outside the European Union.

So, enjoy our unique creations, customize them to your liking and receive them at home without worrying about your wallet. Thanks to Art'emi, you can now treat yourself to luxurious, high-quality jewelry for a price that respects your budget.

Don't wait any longer to discover all our jewelry and accessories online.

Free engraving and delivery throughout Belgium

Do you still have questions about your artisan jeweler Art'emi?

The jewels Art'emi are entirely made in our jewelry workshop in Brussels. Each jewel is handmade with quality materials. 

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If you don't know your finger size, check out our ring size guide. You will find several tips to measure your finger circumference quickly. 

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