Heart earrings smoky quartz
    • Heart earrings smoky quartz
    • Heart earrings smoky quartz

    Heart earrings smoky quartz


    Massive silver 925

    Silver Heart 925

    Drop-shaped stone faceted in smoked quartz

    Earring length: 2 cm

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    Heart earrings smoked quartz : a sentimental pair of earrings

    This pair of smoked quartz heart earrings is a discreet but assertive jewel. It has a solid silver hook, which consists of a silver heart also and a drop of faceted smoky quartz. It is the ideal gift for Valentine's Day, a wedding anniversary or simply for the pleasure of giving.

    Art'emi jewelry, synonymous with quality

    The Belgian jewelry store art'emi highlights quality jewelry made from unique materials. The quartz heart earrings are made from silver and smoky quartz.

    The silver used is 925 silver (also known as sterling silver or solid silver). This type of silver contains is composed of 92.5% silver, supplemented by 7.5% copper. Indeed, pure silver is known to be very malleable. It is this mixture of silver and copper that gives the material the strength necessary to make these earrings. All our art'emi silver jewelry bears the "925" hallmark as a sign of quality and our know-how.

    Smoked quartz is a variety of macro-crystalline quartz, which owes its brown color to the natural or caused irradiation of the aluminium salts it contains. It belongs to the group of oxides. Smoky quartz is transparent to translucent, rarely opaque, and its luster is vitreous. It is a stone adapted to the signs of the zodiac of Cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius. It is also a very effective anchor stone for spiritual energy. It gently neutralizes negative vibrations, blocks stress... Smoky quartz fills the space with a positive vibration and brings relaxation.

    Why do you have to choose these earrings?

    Carrying a message of love with the heart and subtlety with smoky quartz, the woman you will give it to can only be charmed. In addition, to finish on a good news, all art'emi creations are delivered free of charge throughout the world. Finally, all the #happyfamilyartemi remains at your disposal to answer your questions.

    For more romance, don't hesitate to go zieze on this pair of earrings with a silver necklace drop heart.

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