The brand in a few words

The brand art'emi offers you timeless, elegant jewelry that looks like you. Discover our range of rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, keyrings and necklaces for women, men and children made with love in Brussels ! Moreover these sets are of an irreproachable quality, because Artemi uses only materials of exceptions, like: the solid silver, the yellow gold, the vermeil.

For an even more personalized creation, customize your jewels !

Who are we ?

In 2002, the Belgian designer Artémi Vasilakis founded the jewelry brand art'emi. An ambitious, active and talented woman, her timeless creations are made of extreme finesse.

She ensures that all her jewelry is made with great care and know-how. She adapts to current trends but always wishes to keep the art'emi touch: timelessness. Her creations do not go out of fashion, they sublimate themselves. Moreover, convinced that a piece of jewelry reflects the personality of the person who wears it Artémi is one of the first to offer personalized jewelry in Belgium. Finally, all the engravings are free, as well as worldwide deliveries! No more excuses not to order anything !

A wide variety of jewelry to find the piece that suits you

Art'emi offers a wide variety of jewelry that you can combine according to your desires: bracelet, ring, pendant necklace, medals, earrings, cufflinks, key rings, collar stays, money clips...

You will find, among our different models, the ideal pendant in Brussels. 

The collections are available for men as well as for women and children. 

Discover our complete selection of jewelry on our online store. Art'emi jewelry store also allows you to have your jewelry engraved for free to make it even more unique.

Our History

Originally from Greece, where she has been passionate about jewelry since her early childhood, Artémi is now based in Brussels, where she is devoted to the creation of her collections.

It is the current forms and natural elements as well as the natural forces that inspire her on a daily basis. Since 2002, art'emi has manufactured a lot of diverse collections. We invite you to discover the latest one by browsing our website. No jealousy, there are jewels and accessories for everyone: from women's jewelry to children's jewelry and men's boxes.

Art'emi : a jewelry store in the era of time

Artemi Vasilakis is a jewelry designer since 1995. Her keen eye allows her to create original and timeless designs. 

Keeping up to date with the latest trends and materials, the designer offers you collections that are in tune with the times. 

Her passion for jewelry is reflected in the refinement of her jewelry, which you can easily combine to form a set of choice.

Our values

The brand art'emi is based on 3 values that can be found in its creations :

Timelessness: Timelessness is at the heart of the art'emi jewelry. It is the desire to adapt to everyone's tastes, budgets, and personalities that motivates her on a daily basis and is the source of her creative drive. Art'emi is a timeless brand that gives meaning and emotion to your jewelry. It's YOUR jewelry brand, so embark with us for this adventure, you sure won't be disappointed!

Authenticity: Art'emi creations are also authentic. They are made according to ancestral know-how of quality. All the materials used in her creations are carefully selected and are used in accordance with the traditions of jewelry.

Ethics: Finally, art'emi is also and above all an ethical brand. Indeed, all the materials used come from Europe. It is a committed company that wants to work for a healthier world.

To sum up, Art'emi is above all a story of passion, timelessness and refinement. To learn more about the brand or our creations, please contact us at the following address:

A quality of materials up to your expectations for your jewelry in Brussels

The quality of our materials is carefully selected to offer you a jewel that will accompany you for a long time. All our pieces are made of 925 silver, also called solid silver or sterling silver. 

Thus, this one will be solid, will not oxidize and will last in time. Our collection also offers jewelry made of 18K gold with fine stones such as agate, turquoise or tourmaline. You will find a collection of quality jewelry that will make a great gift. 

Free delivery throughout Belgium

Customizable jewelry for a unique necklace in Brussels

You want to offer a personalized birthday gift? Or do you want to offer a heart necklace engraved with a sweet word to your loved one? Our workshop answers all your personalization requests. 

You can consult the various customizable jewels, choose a word, a date or even an image to be engraved and we take care of the rest at no extra cost. Offer a bracelet with an engraved date of birth for your nephew's baptism or a woman's necklace with your friend's zodiac sign. The possibilities of personalization are endless.

Free engraving

Discover some examples of engraving 

Free delivery throughout Belgium

Your necklace is designed in Brussels and can be delivered anywhere in Belgium

Our jewels are designed in the workshop in Brussels in an artisanal way. Moreover, we make it a point of honor to use European raw materials. In order to make you enjoy our collections wherever you are, we deliver for free everywhere in Brussels. 

Whether you live near the ponds of Ixelles or around the Josaphat park in Schaerbeek, you can receive our jewelry. In addition to delivering in these municipalities, we also offer Uccle, Berchem-Sainte-Agathe and Saint-Gilles. You live outside Brussels? We also deliver free of charge throughout Belgium. Let yourself be seduced by our different collections and order your pendant in Brussels now.

Call us : +32 475 500 510

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