Like any other metal, sterling silver tends to tarnish and blacken over the years. Cleaning it therefore eliminates this blackening and preserves its former shine. During this process, you can also remove dirt embedded in the corners. Do you have blackened silver jewelry to clean? For an effective chemical reaction, it is advisable to place aluminum foil at the bottom of a bowl. Then add the boiled water and baking soda. Let your jewelry rest in this bowl. Finally, gently rub your jewelry with a microfiber cloth or a soft toothbrush. This is a non-aggressive way that will allow you to clean the surface of all your silver jewelry. 

However, for a more thorough clean, we advise you to use more effective methods. Indeed, rubbing and polishing is not enough to remove scratches from your silver jewelry. It will therefore be necessary to think about having them polished. Indeed, polishing is the only way to permanently erase claws that are too deep. Artémi Vasilakis offers this service in his workshop located in Ixelles. Come and drop off your jewellery or ask for a quote via the contact form.

Use rhodium plating to optimally clean your silver jewelry

Have you heard of rhodium plating? This cleaning technique consists of immersing a precious metal or alloy in a rhodium solution. Rhodium plating a jewel is therefore adding a thin layer of rhodium. 

As rhodium is a precious metal derived from the platinum family, it will restore a natural shine to your silver jewelry. In addition, rhodium-plated silver will look like new for much longer. Depending on the thickness of the layer, your jewelry will be protected for 1 to 3 years. Do you want to have your silver jewellery rhoded? This is the expertise of the jeweller Artémi Vasilakis, an artisan jeweller for more than 20 years!

What other product to use to restore the shine of your silver jewelry?

Some rumors are circulating about using bleach or even coke to strip the money. In fact, we advise you to use products that will not damage its composition. Thus, the best product to clean your silver jewelry is baking soda mixed with boiling water. Vinegar or lemon are also highly recommended! 

In the same way, avoid using the hard side of a sponge so as not to risk damaging the coating of your jewelry.

Cleaning your silver jewellery: Artémi's know-how

Used for thousands of years, silver is still one of the most popular alloys in jewellery today. Appreciated for its ease of maintenance and its stainless properties, it is nevertheless subject to damage over time. So, to have your silver jewelry cleaned in Brussels, do not hesitate to call on a qualified craftsman. The Artémi Vasilakis jeweler allows you to restore the shine of all your silver objects thanks to its cleaning service on precious materials.

Do you live in Ixelles, Saint-Gilles or Forest and are you looking for a qualified jeweller near you? Come to the Art'emi workshop, located in the heart of Ixelles, and give your jewellery to an experienced jewellery artisan who will be able to restore its shine!

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Find all the services of Art'emi to bring your silver objects back to life

In his shop, Artémi Vasilakis offers handmade and timeless jewelry as well as many services to take care of your adornments. So, in addition to cleaning and making handcrafted jewelry, this versatile jeweler can also repair, set and even engrave any precious metal object.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the jewels that Artémi can take care of:

  • Silver ring, signet ring, and ring;
  • Necklace, Choker and Pendant;
  • Chain, bracelet and watch;
  • Earrings, pendants, etc.

In addition, jewelry cleaning and all other services of the jewelry store Art'emi, are offered to you in an average time of only 15 days. Would you like to get a free quote to have your silver jewelry cleaned? Come directly to the workshop! Located in Ixelles, it is easily accessible from Brussels and its districts such as Saint-Jacques, Sablon, Anneessens, Stalingrad, Sainte-Catherine...

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