Pure gold is corrosion-resistant but too malleable for jewelry. To make them stronger, they are made with an alloy of gold and other metals. Some metals in this alloy, such as copper and silver, can react to corrosive chemicals, altering the color of the jewelry. It is therefore important to care for the jewelry according to its composition. 

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how often to clean gold or gold-plated jewelry, it is essential to care for and maintain it so that it lasts a long time. That's why, to keep your jewelry shiny, we give you jewelry tips.

How to clean gold jewelry without damaging it?

To maintain the shine of your beautiful gold jewelry, it is essential to favor gentle cleaning methods. So opt for delicate products to avoid damaging the surface of your pendants, wedding rings or any other piece of jewelry. 

Here are some simple tips you can put into practice: 

  • First method: soak your jewelry in soapy water for 20 minutes, then rub it gently and rinse it thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Second method: Apply onion juice to your jewelry, then rinse it and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • Third method: use talcum powder or bread crumbs to gently clean your gold jewelry by rubbing it on a soft cloth.

These methods are ideal for slightly tarnished men's and women's jewelry. In addition, we advise you to store them in a jewelry box to avoid scratches and friction between the different jewels.

However, if your jewelry shows more pronounced signs of wear, call on Artémi and her know-how as a jewelry craftswoman to clean it thoroughly. 

Clean your gold jewelry at Art'emi: artisan jeweler for more than 20 years

Has your jewelry lost its shine and become dull? Don't panic, Artémi is here to clean your gold jewelry. As an experienced jeweler, Artémi Vasilakis offers its cleaning services for all types and brands of jewelry. Easily accessible from Etterbeek, Saint-Gilles or Forest, the jewelry store located in Ixelles welcomes all jewelry enthusiasts. Visit our online store or come to the workshop to entrust Artémi with your jewels so that they regain all their splendour.

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Enhance your gold jewelry again thanks to Artémi and its rhodium-plating service

Rhodium plating is a refined and precious technique in the field of jewelry. It consists of applying a thin layer of rhodium to a piece of jewelry. This gives it a sparkling color while preserving it from oxidation and wear. Before starting to treat the surface of a piece of jewelry, the jewelry should be polished to smooth out scratches and other imperfections. Rhodium plating involves cleaning the gold or plated jewelry using ultrasonic baths and then immersing it in a rhodium bath. For a shine that lasts, trust Artémi who masters this technique to perfection!

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