Our values

The art'emi brand is based on 3 core values, which it makes a point of respecting. In order to better understand its history and its inspirations, we invite you to discover them and to immerse yourself in them:


Timelessness is at the heart ofart'emi's jewelry. She makes it a point of honour that all of her creations reflect as faithfully as possible the personalities of those who wear them. art'emi is a brand close to its customers. Thus, it does not differentiate between those who buy smaller jewelry more affordable and those who will invest in larger pieces. Each acquisition must be a unique moment of pleasure and happiness in his eyes. Above all, she wants to make everyone dream and satisfy by offering handmade jewelry that endures, is passed down from generation to generation, but above all resembles you and accompanies you throughout your life. This Belgian jewellery is above all a timeless brand that gives meaning and emotion to your jewelry. Beyond being a simple jewelry brand, it's your brand, a brand that looks like you.


art'emi's creations all use quality ancestral know-how. The materials used are exceptional materials, chosen and used with care, respecting the traditions of jewellery. The making of all the brand's jewellery testifies to an undeniable technique and meticulousness. If you want to know more about the materials used in his creations, visit this page dedicated to materials.


Finally, art'emiis also and above all an ethical brand. All the materials used come from Europe. This stems from the desire for higher quality, better traceability, and less transport-related pollution (save the planet and walk with us). The supply of raw materials in Europe also ensures that working conditions are healthier for workers, and that child labour is prohibited. art'emi is a committed company that wants to work for a better and healthier world.