Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion? Think about our collection of customizable jewelry. Ideal for a delicate attention, they represent love and grace to perfection. The art'emi - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert jewelry store - online shop offers a wide range of customizable jewelry and accessories, including a gold or silver ring.

Customizable jewelry for women

In order to make her creations best represent the woman of today, the Belgian designer has developed a collection of trendy, refined and high-quality jewelry and accessories in gold or silver, with sometimes semi-precious stones or leather. To give them even more value, make them unique by customizing them. Indeed, you are offered the possibility to engrave a meaningful message on a wide range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and even identity bracelets. For an extra touch of feminity, opt for one of our accessories such as our magnificent mother-of-pearl pink flower and butterfly pin brooch. So, discover the whole collection now!

Customizable jewelry for men

Just like women, men need choices. Indeed, nowadays, they pay more attention to their look and buy much more jewelry and accessories than before. Thus, they are taking an important place in the jewelry industry. That is why art'emi has created for you, gentlemen, a selection of customizable men's braceletsnecklaces and identity bracelets, but also, just like for women, a variety of accessories, such as customizable cufflinks

Customizable jewelry for children

junior version of the men's and women's collections is available on our website for your children. Let's not forget any family member! 

So, explore all our collections on the art'emi website now. 

Your Woluwe-Saint-Lambert jewelry store wherever you want

Our creations are available anywhere from your computer or smartphone. All you need is a wifi or 4G connection. It's just like your regular jewelry store in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, except that you have access to a wider range of products on your way to work or sitting comfortable at home. Finally, you won't be charged with any additional fees since personalization and delivery are free in Belgium and throughout the European Union.