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Over time, the dimensions of your fingers will change. However, if you no longer fit in your favorite ring, it would be a shame to leave it at the bottom of a drawer. You can turn this timeless object into an eternal one, simply by adjusting it to your size. So, why not have your ring enlarged at Art'emi in Brussels? Whether you are in Îlot Sacré, Dansaert, Haren-Sud, Notre-Dame-aux-Neiges or Stalingrad, Artémi Vasilakis invites you to come to the workshop located in the heart of Ixelles to discover its custom-made ring enlargement and shrinking service in Brussels.

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How do you enlarge a ring?

If you have the opportunity to go to the store, Artémi Vasilakis will be able to take care of the necessary measurements herself. First, the jeweler will start by measuring the diameter of the ring as well as the diameter of the desired finger. To find the right size, your professional jeweler will use a ring sizer.

After this stage, the jeweler will be able to offer you the most appropriate method depending on the model and the extent of the enlargement to be carried out. Thus, for small connections, it will use a triballet to gently strike the metal of your ring with a specially designed mallet. Once you have reached the desired size, the goal will then be to restore the ring's original roundness.

For an enlargement of more than one larger size, you will have to modify the body of the ring which, as you can imagine, is more complex.

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Have your ring enlarged at Art'emi in Brussels!

Goldsmithing is a work in its own right that requires unique know-how and great precision. This is why we advise you to call on an artisan-jeweler for any redimension of jewelry.

In addition, depending on the material of the jewelry to be resized, we will not proceed in the same way. Artémi Vasilakis offers its services only on precious materials. She will be able to adjust certain types of jewelry such as:

  • Gold Ring;
  • Silver Ring;
  • Platinum ring;
  • Ring in vermeil, etc.

Thanks to his expertise, Artémi Vasilakis will not distort your ring or its stone. This is the great strength of this talented jeweler. 

So, if you live in the surrounding area such as Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek or Forest, come and see us at the workshop and discover Artémi's unparalleled expertise and dexterity in adjusting any type of ring to the size of your finger.

How long does it take to enlarge a ring?

On average, Artémi Vasilakis asks you for two weeks to enlarge and shrink your ring. For the most classic rings, this time can be even shorter. In any case, as soon as the jeweler is finished, she systematically warns her customers by SMS or phone.

All you have to do is come and try it in store. You will then be able to leave with your ring perfectly adapted to your size and once again take the opportunity to brighten up your outfits.

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Whether it is a ring made of silver, an alloy that does not oxidize or very little, or of gold, a noble material par excellence, Artémi will be able to enlarge it. Would you like to have your ring enlarged and find out how much you will have to pay? Ask for a free and tailor-made quote to have your ring enlarged in Brussels by going to the workshop. You can also contact Artémi Vasilakis by phone or email for any inquiries.

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