How to repair, enlarge and clean your jewelry? Your Jewellery and Jewellery in Brussels likes to create and surprise you in the production of high-quality custom jewelry. But the durability of your jewels also means a lot to us (find out how to take care of your jewelry right here). That's why the designer sets up a renovation service for all your jewelry that you care about. Discover the magic of SECOND LIFE!

How does it work to repair, enlarge and clean your jewelry?

At Art'emi, we have a high quality of know-how. This work is made possible by the designer Artémi Vasilakis. We use both traditional tools and modern tools. This serves us to carry out repairoperations, transformation, cleaning, enhancement, size that will meet all your expectations.

For more than ten years, Art'emi has been committed to its customers to bring them happiness and satisfaction. Nevertheless, we believe that this requires the repair of your most precious jewelry.

To do this, nothing could be simpler!

  • Contact your Brussels-based Art'emi jewellery store by email on [email protected], by phone or by message on '32 496 710 840' or using our customer service which you can find here. Tell us about your problem with your jewellery: a repair, a transformation or a cleaning.
  • This is how we will take the pleasure of answering you as soon as possible with expert explanations and recommendations of what can be brought to your jewel.
  • Therefore, if you are interested in our service, we will let you seea 100% free quote with all the details of the transformations made.
  • Send us in the mail or bring us your jewellery to be repaired or hand-transformed in our Brussels workshop.
  • Find your jewel like new in the next few days after the repair. Don't hesitate and give your jewellery a second life with the know-how of Art'emi.

What services do Art'emi provide?

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