Your Brussels jewelry store loves to create and surprise you with high quality custom-made jewelry for women, men and children. But the durability of your jewels is also very important to us (find out how to take care of your silver jewelry right here). That's why the creator has set up a renovation service for all your jewels that are dear to your heart. Come and discover the magic of SECOND LIFE and extend the life of your jewelry to infinity! Your rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings or even brooches will thank you.

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What services does Art'emi provide?

How does it work to repair, enlarge and clean your jewelry ?

At Art'emi, we have a high quality of craftsmanship. This work is made possible by the designer Artemi Vasilakis. We use both traditional and modern tools. This allows us to carry out repair, transformation, cleaning, enhancement, sizing that will meet all your expectations. A trick that will allow you to have your costume jewelry disturbed. Your silver bracelet or your leather bracelet, will never leave your wrist

For more than ten years, Art'emi has been committed to its customers to bring them happiness and satisfaction. Nevertheless, we believe that this requires the repair of your most precious jewels. 

To do so, nothing could be easier! 

- Contact your Art'emi jewelry store in Brussels by email at, by phone or message at +32 496 710 840 or by using our customer service that you can find by clicking here. Explain us your problem concerning your jewel: a repair, a transformation or a cleaning. 

- We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible with explanations and expert recommendations of what can be done to your jewelry. 

- Therefore, if you are interested in our service, we will let you have a 100% free estimate with all the details of the transformations made. 

- Send us by mail or bring us your jewelry to be repaired or transformed in person in our Brussels workshop.

- Your jewel will be back as good as new in the next few days following the repair. Don't hesitate any longer and give a second life to your jewelry with Art'emi's know-how.

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Thanks to her multiple experiences in the jewelry world, our creator has found all the means to make your jewelry travel through the ages. This is why it is possible that you keep your childhood jewel throughout your life.

Your jeweler will be happy to answer all your questions about the techniques used in our Brussels workshop. As soon as you call or send a message, you will get a taste of Artemi Vasilakis' passion for jewelry, but also of all the techniques she uses to give a second life to all your jewelry.

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