Secure payment

Art'emi pays special attention to the security of transactions and offers you different payment methods:

- Either online:

The localhost / artemi site has a secure online payment system. Your transactions are made according to your choice with one of the two platforms: HIPAY or PAYPAL.

For payments via HIPAY:

Hipay has an ultra-secure service with an SSL encryption process that protects all your data.These data that you transmit to us during your payment remain totally unknown to us. For the protection of your bank cards, Hipay uses the SIPS security system developed by ATOS, they are European leaders in secure payment systems. The site does not keep your bank card number, it is an additional protection of Hipay, this requires to re-enter your information with each purchase online.

Paiement Hipay

For payments via PAYPAL:

You are directly redirected to the PAYPAL payment platform, guaranteeing you a secure online payment.

Paiement Paypal

- Either by simple bank transfer on our account:

Account art'emi sprl:

KBC Bank Roodebeek

128 chée de Roodebeek

1200 Brussels

IBAN code: BE95 7330 2582 42 58