Customizable chain bracelets for women

Curb bracelet character girl personalized woman


Bracelet family silver personalized woman


Curb bracelet character boy personalized woman


Create a unique chain bracelets for women

Tired of common and identical bracelets? Don't you like this homogeneity? You finally want to find a jewel to engrave that is unique to you and that no one else could have? Or are you looking for the perfect, unique, personal gift for a friend? Then, the customizable art'emi women's bracelet will satisfy you. Adopt their unique shape and exceptional quality for perfect assurance.

Create your tailor-made chain bracelet

To start, choose the shape that will reveal your personality. Round, oval, rectangular and much more, the designs of our engraving plates adapt to your character. We have beautiful chain bracelets for a young mother, whose plate represents a silhouette of a little boy or girl. Afterward, you can have a short note, a date, a first name, a drawing, etc. written on it according to your choice.

We offer several different types of typography for an even more personal look. The subjects offered are also varied. You will find more traditional chain bracelets, in gold or silver as well as cord bracelets. Concerning the latter, we also offer several cord colors.

The customizable art'emi women's chain bracelet

We make it a point of honor that all our jewelry is handmade from resistant materials, which will not change over time. Your chain bracelet will, therefore, keep its beautiful shine forever, as it did on the first day. All our engravings are completely free of charge, you can have a preview of them online, via our e-shop. Feel free to contact us, either by e-mail or by phone, if you would like to receive recommendations.

Among our many customizable products, you will also find customizable gem necklaces that will enhance your cleavage, customizable bracelets for women with creative designs, etc. Just like the engraving service, the delivery of our products costs you nothing, in Belgium as well as in France and all over Europe.