Our know-how

art'emi Fine Jewelry makes it a point of honor to introduce you to unique and personalized creations, while subtle. With his experience in jewellery and with an increased knowledge of the craft and materials, Artémi gives you the secrets to his know-how. Follow us, we tell you everything:

Ancient techniques

Artémi Vasilakis offers you quality jewelry, with remarkable technicality. Indeed, the designer makes all of her jewelry by hand using meticulous and delicate techniques. Its craft techniques are recognized in the world of jewellery. It uses a specific material adapted to each type of jewelry to combine precision, creativity and resistance. No doubt his art and know-how will live up to your expectations.

Quality and know-how that lives up to your beauty

The handmadeart'emi jewelry is all of high quality. The materials usedare evidenceof the display of punches of authenticity and guarantee for quality. Moreover, the Belgian designer uses only exceptional materials that she knows how to handle perfectly to bring them to life through her creations. Gold, silver, quartz, agate, turquoise, tourmaline, leather, natural cotton, wood, coral, vermeil ... we find for all tastes and styles! You'll find jewel at your neck/wrist/finger, that's for sure!

But the Brussels jewellery art'emiis first and foremost a story of refinement and delicacy. All the stones, metals and materials she uses are of a rare and unique quality, which will fill you with joy. To learn more about each of them, we leave at your disposal a guide of the subjects, which we hope will be useful to you. Don't hesitate to discover it, it is full of resources and stories more fascinating than the other. This is where the adventure art'emi continues: The Guide to Materials.