Repairing your jewelry may reflect some concern about their values. That's why Artemi provides you with all its services with professionalism and expertise.

Repairing your jewellery: how to transform my jewel?

A specific jewelry model is on your mind and you want to transform a piece of jewelry that you own but no longer wear? You're at the right address. Art'emi can create your custom jewelry.

We are interested in your projects and our achievements are at your fingertips. Your imagination has no limits, it is thanks to it that you can create unique and exclusive pieces. Brussels jewellery has the power to materialize your ideas with unique craftsmanness and artistic sensibility. By respecting every detail, your expert brings a new soul to your jewelry to bring you emotion and happiness.

If your style has evolved or your tastes have changed, your current jewelry box will never be the same again. Jewelry deserves a second life and also to accompany you for a long time. It is a jewel created for you and by you. Trust Art'emi for your jewelry transformations.

How do I restore my jewel?

Your jewellery accompanies you every moment of your life, both during the long summer evenings and when you are at home. Taking care of them regularly will keep them longer.

A piece of jewelry that gets dirty, scratches or breaks is always annoying, but with your Brussels jewelry store, you're sure to find it as new. Despite all the precautions you take with regard to these small sensitive things, they are not immune to a small accident. Regular care will bring robustness, shine and solidity to your jewels.

Despite all this, your jewels are losing their luster? Art'emi puts all its professionalism at the service of the second youth of your jewels undermined by time. Your Brussels jewellery store offers a wide range of exclusive services to restore and maintain your jewellery.

Did you lose a stone on your jewel?

Art'emi also takes care of the setting of your jewelry. What does crimping include? It is from the moment the stone of your jewel begins to move or it has already fallen. Your expert then comes into play to perform a crimping operation otherwise called "stone setting" in order to crimp the missing stone, such as a diamond, a precious stone or even a semi-precious stone.