How to enlarge and shrink a jewel Artemi gives you its greatest secrets for the repair of your jewels. 

Your Brussels jewelry store loves to create and surprise you with high quality custom-made jewelry for women, men and children. But the durability of your jewels is also very important to us (find out how to take care of your silver jewelry right here). That's why the creator has set up a renovation service for all your jewels that are dear to your heart. Come and discover the magic of SECOND LIFE and extend the life of your jewelry to infinity! Your rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings or even brooches will thank you.

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How to enlarge or shrink a ring ?

How is the pruning done ? Art'emi makes it a point of honor to take care to adjust your ring while keeping its initial shape. For a gift, a size error is very quickly arrived. It is therefore necessary to call on an expert to readjust the ring as it should be. Similarly, if your fingers become more refined over time or the ring becomes too small, the problem is solved in no time in our workshop. So crack now on our models of charm ring or chain.

How do I enlarge or shrink my jewel when it is a ring ?

If the ring is too small, the jeweler uses specific  devices that allow to adopt a new diameter. On the other hand, if the ring only needs a small adjustment, the designer will work more delicately using ancestral tools. Again, every ring is different. It may need a more substantial change. That's why your jewelry expert will bring new material. Therefore, your jewel will rhyme with a successful and quite long work.

The pruning varies according to the type of ring and the type of materials present on the jewel. We invite you to consult our ring size guide. Ask us for a quote for more information about your ring. 

How do I readjust my bracelet ?

Bracelets are generally easier to handle.  Indeed, it is enough to add or remove links in order to generate a new length and therefore, best suit your wrist. 

This work requires a certain precision as well as finesse in the gestures to have a perfect result. Fine and expert tools are usually used. You will see your bracelet as new, without any trace of its passage to the workshop.

How is my channel being sized ?

Same as for bracelets, the process of lengthening or shortening a chain of a necklace results in precision and finesse. Artemis wants you to wear your most beautiful chains and necklaces to your waist. Everything is measured to the millimeter.

Each customer receives his free quote to be as close as possible to our expert and that he can guide us in his readjustment. The cutting is something unique and personal and it is through this that your Art'emi jewelry store wants to put its customer as close as possible to the transformation. Before any repair, an estimate of the price is delivered to you.

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Thanks to her multiple experiences in the jewelry world, our creator has found all the means to make your jewelry travel through the ages. This is why it is possible that you keep your childhood jewel throughout your life.

Your jeweler will be happy to answer all your questions about the techniques used in our Brussels workshop. As soon as you call or send a message, you will get a taste of Artemi Vasilakis' passion for jewelry, but also of all the techniques she uses to give a second life to all your jewelry.

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