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    Solid Silver 925

    Weight: 4.31gr

    Length: 45 cm

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    The ideal chain for men

    Are you looking for a beautiful channel to sublimate your outfits? Let yourself be tempted by our Venetian silver mesh chain. This type of mesh is usually used to make thin and solid chains. In fact, they are small and large cubic links nested in each other. Thus, this chain can be worn alone over a t-shirt, a shirt, a sweater ... which will give you a very fresh outfit. Nevertheless, it is also possible to add a pendant to it if you wish.

    The sublimated silver in the creations Art'emi

    Wearing jewelry is a very distant human habit. Going back in history, we find among the oldest peoples the concern to adorn themselves with jewels made of precious metals such as silver or gold.

    Silver goes very well with each type of stones and the different clothing combinations. It is a metal with which we can not make a mistake of taste! For our art'emi jewelry, we mainly use "925 silver". This denomination simply means that the jewel is composed of real silver as opposed to a silver plating. It consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

    Finally, if you want to know how to clean your silver jewelry and why it has blackened. Find our tips and tricks to restore all their shine to your jewelry.

    A Venetian mesh chain to customize

    What if you brought a little bit of your personality to this channel? Indeed, this chain sells alone, but it is possible to add a pendant. Go to the pendants tab to choose from all our pendant models and thus make your chain unique. This can be an original gift idea for one of your loved ones.

    Do not hesitate to consult our other types of channels. In addition, all art'emi creations are delivered free of charge throughout Europe. Finally, we remain at your disposal to answer your questions.

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