Whether on a wedding ring, an engagement ring, a Valentine's Day gift, or for any other occasion, engraving a personalized message on a piece of jewelry is a unique gift to declare love. At Art'emi we offer tailor-made jewelry in our Brussels engraving workshop that will allow you to declare your love to your loved one and remind him every day how much you love him.

From the most classic, to the most intimate, through the most original, find our 10 ideas of texts to engrave for couple on our customizable jewelry.

Engraving ideas for your other half

A date:

- Your date of meeting: to remind him how much your meeting marked him.

- Your wedding date: so that this incredible memory engraved in your memories, in the evening also on his jewel

Your initials / first names:

- Your initials: a classic but still effective way for this jewel  to perfectly illustrate the path of life you share

- Your first name: to show him that you will always be by his side.

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The quality of Art'emi jewelry

Our jeweler takes great care in choosing her materials. The ethic of her store is to design jewelry of impeccable quality, timeless and durable. This is why Artemi only works with exceptional materials.

Among the metals, she decides to work essentially with a timeless jewelry material, solid silver. This one can be easily recognized thanks to its 925 hallmark. This metal allows our jeweler to guarantee a flawless quality in her creations. You can also discover the other metals used in Art'emi's jewelry right here. Come and discover the origins, history and use of silver, gold and vermeil.

But the jewelry store doesn't stop there, it also offers sublime jewelry set with precious stones. Turquoise, tourmaline, coral, quartz, agate and mother-of-pearl, you will find something for every taste and every occasion. If you want to know more about these fine stones, it happens right here. Discover the powers and meanings of these gems.

Our jewelry collection is available for women, men and children. It consists of rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings, accessories, pendants, but also earrings. Our jewelry collections are not limited to semi-precious stones and silver jewelry. We also offer more original jewelry for more fantasy and bohemian looks. You will discover on this page, our jewelry made of cotton, wood, leather and even polyester.

Messages of love / meaningful expressions :

- "I love you": great classic but very effective so that this jewel is in itself a real statement.

- A meaningful expression / quote for your couple: so that this personalized jewel or your wedding ring is particularly meaningful.

A nickname / symbol :

- An intimate nickname: so that only the two of you understand the meaning of this engraving. It is also a nice way to recall the complicity that characterizes your relationship.

- A small symbol: for a discreet declaration.

A text : For twin jewels: For example: "I love you" & "to infinity", to show that you are one. This is the kind of text that delights the bride and groom to personalize their wedding rings !

One sentence : A humorous phrase: "For better and for laughter..." to name just one. To bring a smile to his/her face every time he/she looks at his/her personalized jewel !

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Our engraving workshop in Brussels

Our engraving workshop in Brussels writes your message in 24 hours ! Take the opportunity to tell him how much you love him. And if you want the surprise to be even greater, offer him a jewel or accessory Art'emi.

Whether in French, English, Spanish, in a completely different language or through a cute drawing, do not hesitate to visit our page dedicated to customizable Art'emi jewelry so that the jewel you have always dreamed of becomes reality.

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