Looking for a gift for your girlfriend, sister, friend? Find here our top 10 of the best engraving ideas for women to please those around you with a personalized jewel. Symbols of femininity, elegance and delicacy, many women like to adorn themselves with jewelry. A personalized Art'emi jewel will delight with its uniqueness and originality.

Top 10 engraving ideas for women:

  1. Engrave a symbolic date for both of you. Whether it's your girlfriend, your grandmother or your cousin, there are dates that mark a relationship. So have the latter inscribed on one of our customizable silver or vermeil jewelry. You can opt for a date in Arabic numerals but also in Roman numerals.

  2. Geographic coordinates engraved on a jewel will have the same effect as a secret code. Only you and the person who will receive the personalized jewelry will know its value and meaning.

    Woman engraving geographic coordinates

  3. A sentence that you have written yourself for a delicate and pretty statement marked on a gold or silver jewel.

  4. Include a quote from her favorite song, movie, book that has special resonance for her for a piece of jewelry that reflects the personality of the wearer.

  5. Have a word or short phrase engraved in a dialect or foreign language . The exoticism and confidentiality of this message will surely touch your loved one.

  6. If you want to offer a pretty jewel in the era of time, opt for a symbol with fine lines to engrave on the personalized jewel of your choice and which will adorn the neck, the wrist or the finger of the woman who will receive this gift.

  7. Engrave a first name for a timeless personalized jewel. Whether it is yours or that of the person to whom you will give this personalized jewel, it has been a trendy engraving for several years now.

  8. What could be cuter than carving the nickname you give to your best friend, your sister? By wearing this jewel, you will accompany it everywhere.

  9. At Art'emi we can engrave your personalized or personal drawing . For example, you can engrave on one of our jewelry for women the contours of the country you discovered together during a previous trip. To do this, send us by scan an image or even a drawing drawn by yourself.

  10. Is your relationship characterized by a deep bond? Have your imprint engraved on a piece of jewelry that you will later give to your grandmother, your girlfriend to surprise her.

Our engraving workshop in Brussels.

So don't wait any longer to choose the customizable jewelry for women that you like and have the drawing, date, love message you want to appear on it. Art'emi guarantees you engravings made with delicacy and professionalism in just 24 hours in our workshop located in Brussels.

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