As Mother's Day approaches, are you looking for a personalized gift for your mom and are running out of ideas? Do not worry anymore because thanks to our 10 ideas of texts to engrave for his mother on a personalized jewel you will (re) find your inspiration.

Top 10 engraving text ideas for mom

1. “I love you Mom”

Undoubtedly one of the most classic ideas but it is sure to make an impact!

Mom engraving idea "I love you mom"

2. “Mum in Gold”

To let him know how precious your connection is.

3. “Mum LOuVE”

To thank her for all the attention she has paid you since you were little and at the same time to declare your love to her thanks to this word game.

4. “Mommy hen”

To prove to him how much you value and love his protective side.

5. “The best of moms”

So that this jewel shows her how unique she is in your eyes and that for nothing in the world you would not have exchanged her.

Mom engraving idea "the best of moms"


6. Engrave the names of his children

To remind her of the lovely family she created.

7. Engrave the date of birth of his children

So that these moments, which are the most important for a mother, are remembered to her every day.

8. Burn a cute little drawing (a heart, a flower, a star ...)

Is a simple and effective way to express the tenderness that you share.

9. Burn the nickname you give it

So that this personalized jewel is a nice way to remind him of your complicity.

10. Write a personalized text for your mom

So that this jewel is really unique and shows him the love you have for him every day.

Art'emi engraves your message of love

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