Dress up her jewel by greasing it, have you thought about it? This original idea will allow you to offer a personalized gift to a loved one. Burning your own jewel by writing a personalized text, date or message is also a great idea. This will make it unique and symbolic!

On art'emi, we encourage jewelry lovers to write a special message. After all, wearing an engraved piece of jewelry is a way to remember a happy event, a person you love or a message that makes sense to us.

If you lack inspiration, check out below our top 10 best ideas for engraving texts to make on a piece of jewelry!

1. Engrave a first name on her jewel

  • Burn the first name of a family member
  • Or your lover's, your best friend's.

2. Engrave initials on her jewel

  • Burn your own initials to customize your jewel
  • Engrave the initials of a loved one, "No. J.A.

3. Write a symbolic date on her jewel:

  • Engrave the date of birth of your child "03/05/2002"
  • Engrave the date of your meeting: "02-06-2018"
  • Engrave the date of a milestone: "05-01-2020"

Idée gravure date de rencontre

Ask for an engraving

4. Burn a personalized love message

  • "More than yesterday and less than tomorrow"
  • 'You and me forever'
  • "Infinity both""

5. Engrave the lyrics of a song you love:

  • "I will always love you"
  • "For you to love me again"
  • "You're beautiful"

6. Engrave a symbol:

  • Personalize your jewel with the infinite symbol: ∞
  • Have the woman symbol in for your feminist friend:♀
  • Insert a simple heart that will say as much as words:

7. Write a drawing on a piece of jewellery:

  • Burn your children's drawing on a piece of jewelry for yourself or to give it away!
  • If you are talentueux.se draw yourself what you want to engrave.

8. Personalize your jewel with GPS coordinates

To offer or to remember a moment that no one will decipher

  • The place of your meeting (example: N48-51'55.695-E2-19'15.988")
  • The place where you said yes

Find your GPS coordinates

Idée gravure lieu de rencontre

9. Engrave a constellation of the zodiac on its pendant

  • Engrave the sign of your zodiac as a pattern on a medal
  • Engrave the constellation of your zodiac sign on a pendant

10. Engrave a message in a foreign language

  • "Amor Vincit Omnia" ("Love Always Triumphs," in Latin)
  • "مرحبًا يا حبيبتي." ("Hello my love," in Arabic)
  • "Para siempre" ("Forever," in Spanish)

The creation of jewelry is not just a matter of aesthetics. Wearing a jewel is also something symbolic. Choosing to engrave a text on one's jewel is to opt for personalization and authenticity. It's like buying a piece of jewelry that looks like you and conveys a strong and unique message.

All you have to do is choose the text to write on your jewel!