Dressing your jewel by engraving it, have you thought about it? This original idea will allow you to offer a personalized gift to a loved one. Engraving your own jewel by writing a text, a date or a personalized message is also a very good idea. This will make it unique and symbolic!

On Art'emi, we encourage jewelry lovers to write a special message. After all, wearing an engraved piece of jewelry is a way to remember a happy event, a person you love or a message that makes sense to you on a daily basis.

If you lack inspiration, discover below our top 10 of the best ideas for engraving texts to do on a jewel!

1. Engrave a first name on your jewel 

* Engrave the first name of a family member

* Or that of your lover, your best friend. 

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2. Engrave initials on your jewel

* Engrave your own initials to personalize your jewelry

* Engrave the initials of a loved one, "N· J".

3. Write a symbolic date on your jewel:

* Engrave the date of birth of his child "03/05/2002"

* Engrave the date of your meeting: "02·06·2018"

* Engrave the date of a milestone event: '"05-01-2020"

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4. Engrave a personalized love message

* "More than yesterday and less than tomorrow"'
* 'You and me forever'
* "L'infini tous les deux"

5. Engrave the lyrics of a song you like:

* "I will always love you"
* "Pour que tu m'aimes encore"
* "You're beautiful"

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6. Engrave a symbol :

* Customize your jewel with the infinite symbol: ∞  
* Have the woman's symbol written for your feminist friend: ♀ 

* Insert a simple heart that will say as much as words: ♡

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7. Write a drawing on a jewel:

* Engrave your children's drawing on a piece of jewelry for you or to  offer it!
* If you are talentueux.se draw yourself what you want to engrave.

8. Customize with GPS coordinates

* The place of your meeting (example: N48°51'55.695-E2°19'15.988")
* The place where you said yes

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9. Engrave a constellation :

* Engrave the sign of your zodiac as a pattern on a medal
* Engrave the constellation of your zodiac sign on a pendant

10. Engrave a message in a foreign language:

* "Amor Vincit Omnia" ("L'Amour triomphe toujours", in Latin)
* "مرحبًا يا حبيبتي."  ("Hello my love," in Arabic)
* "Para siempre" ("Pour toujours", in Spanish)

Jewelry creation is not just about aesthetics. Wearing a piece of jewelry is also something symbolic. Choosing to engrave a text on your jewel is opting for customization and authenticity. It comes down to acquiring a jewel that looks like you and conveys a strong and unique message.

All you have to do is choose the text to write on your jewel!

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Now you have all the cards in hand to create your own personalization. An ideal gift that will be filled with love and attention. However, if you are not decided yet, we advise you to take a look at our blog. On it you will find many ideas about engraving your ornaments. For all types of events: birthday, baptism, birth, wedding, whether you are a witness or a bridesmaid. You will find ideas for women, men, children and even teenagers. 

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