Resident of Chimay, you know all the jewelry stores that are there, but yet you can not find the jewel you want? That's because you're not looking in the right place! Online jewelry art'emi has everything you want, and this, without moving from home! Chimay Jewellery: also take advantage of free shipping anywhere in Belgium.

Bijouterie Chimay: creations for men, women and children  

This Belgian designer suggests a wide choice of jewelry and accessories for the whole family without exception.

In order to best match the image of the current, elegant and modern woman, art'emi has created a collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in noble materials in 925 silver or high-quality gold. These can be accompanied by semi-precious stones, natural mother-of-pearl or leather. Certainly, but also refined accessories such as customizable gourmets, oval key chains and pin pins.

The jewelry store art'emi has not forgotten men! And yes, nowadays men buy in large numbers of jewelry. As a result, they have taken an important place in the jewelry sector. That's why art'emi hasn't put them aside and offers an equally large selection of men's jewelry and accessories in silver or gold. Such as bracelets, necklaces, gourmets and the essential cufflink. But also essential accessories for everyday life. Like an engraving note clip or key ring as well as a collar whale.

And so that the family is complete, she has created a collection of bracelets, gourmettes and necklaces, for your children!

Personalized creations for everyone  

What could be better than a piece of jewelry as a gift? A jewel with a little note from you or an important date. You will find on the website of art'emi – jewelry Chimay – the possibilities of personalization of men's jewelry and women's jewelry.

Delivered as if you had bought in a Chimay  jewelry store

To finish in style, customization is free and our creations are delivered to your home at no extra cost!

Bijouterie Chimay Bijouterie Chimay Bijouterie Chimay Bijouterie Chimay

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