Are you looking for a jewelry store in Leuven? Do you want to offer a personalized gift to one of your loved ones? And you've thought about customizing jewelry? A ring, necklace or bracelet? Find a wide range of customizable jewelry created by Art'emi in our jewelry store. High quality jewelry and engraving offered, discover more about the brand.

Art'emi: designer of exceptional and tailor-made jewelry

It has been many years, since 2002, that Art'emi embarked on the great adventure of creating its brand. The creations that are proposed to you are all made with exceptional materials. Indeed, Art'emi attaches importance to the quality and longevity of its jewelry. That's why everything she creates, both jewelry and fashion accessories, can accompany you throughout your life.

Also, so that you do not get tired of it, Art'emi creates the jewel that corresponds to your personality, your character. Always at your disposal and close to you, she makes your perfect jewel.

The jewelry offered in your jewelry store near Leuven is made from different materials, all of high quality. You will find jewelry in silver, gold, quartz, vermeil, precious and semi-precious stones... It's up to you to choose the material you prefer to wear.

A wide range of jewellery in your jewellery shop in Leuven

One of the advantages in your jewelry store near Leuven is that you will find jewelry for the whole family. Men's jewelry, women's jewelry and children's jewelry. It's essential for Art'emi that everyone can be entitled to quality and customizable jewelry. Discover jewelry that will make you crack!

Our creations for women

In the women's category, you will find all kinds of jewelry. Necklaces or bracelets and rings, also have fun customizing them. Earrings and pendants are also part of the party. And in addition to your adornment, why not add a keychain as a fashion accessory?

Our collection of jewelry for men

Your jewelry store in Leuven offers various jewelry for men. As for the ladies, we offer bracelets, necklaces ... But also find cufflinks, collar whales or ticket clips. And of course, they are all customizable thanks to the engraving! So gentlemen, what are you waiting for?

Children's jewelry

For the little ones, the category also includes different types of jewelry and accessories. Gourmets, bracelets, necklaces and chains as well as personalized pendants to add to your jewelry to make them perfect!

Art'emi realizes the personalization of your jewelry

It is since the very beginning of its activity that Art'emi has specialized in engraving . Indeed, as mentioned earlier, she makes it a point of honor to make and offer you original jewelry that looks like you and suits you.

Professional, passionate and meticulous, she has been engraving your jewelry by hand for many years. But in what form can the engraving be made? Well you have a choice. It can be a date of birth, first names, initials... So let your imagination and your heart speak.

Bijouterie Louvain: personalized and unique jewelry

A personalized jewel is the ideal and timeless gift. What could be better than offering a personalized gourmet at a baptism or a gold necklace as a Christmas gift? And you don't have to wait for a party or a special moment for little touches. All occasions are good to please or to have fun!

In addition, Art'emi carries out the engraving of your jewelry for free. Indeed, she wants to be able to adapt her creations for all budgets without forgetting the quality of the materials she uses!

Solid silver creations 925    

Art'emi chooses to offer only superior quality jewelry. That's why it uses sterling 925 silver. Composed of 92.5% pure silver, your jewelry keeps its shine for many years. Your jewelry store in Leuven guarantees the resistance and longevity of the creations on offer!

Your jewelry store in Leuven delivers to your home

In order to satisfy you even more, you can receive your order at home in Leuven! We deliver to all areas of the city, from Heverlee to Gasthuisberg via Blauwput or Wilsele and Kareelveld! And of course, if you live in nearby towns, delivery is also available. Whether you are in Rotselaar, Bierbeek, Herent or Oud-Heverlee and Holsbeek.

So don't wait any longer and come and discover our complete range of customizable jewelry!

Order from all over Wallonia

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