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Do you want to offer a beautiful jewel, or a silver accessory? Or do you really want to treat yourself with a jewel / accessory of Belgian creation, adapted to your personality? For women and men as well as for children, Art'emi your jewelry store in Arlon offers you original and 100% customizable jewelry creations. Discover now our unique collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings, key chains, cufflinks, and more on the website of your Jewelry store in Brussels.

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Your artisan jeweler in Arlon: customizable accessories and jewelry

First of all, know that many of our parts are customizable. You can therefore have them engraved in our workshop in Brussels before receiving them at home in Arlon. Because we want you to be able to offer you or a loved one the jewel of your dreams without money being a hindrance, engraving is always completely free. Thus, you can have the message of your choice written on all our customizable jewelry.

For example, check out the customizable women's gourmettes, on which both sides can contain a message. Sweet words, special date, or even drawings can be engraved forever on our silver jewelry, and all our creations are made of solid silver 925. Our noble alloy of copper and silver gives your jewelry and accessories an unparalleled robustness and an always shiny shine.

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Your artisan jeweler in Arlon: customizable accessories and jewelry

For elegant women, discreet women, women who love lightness or those who prefer sophisticated creations, art'emi – Arlon jewelry – has designed pieces adapted to their personality.

Discover our most classic range, including the silver slave bracelet, the silver medal bracelet or the matching round medal necklace.

Are you looking for an elegant accessory? Then the oval silver keychain or the silver heart keychain will be perfect to accompany you every day. Soon a special occasion? Then have one of our customizable women's jewelry engraved and have it delivered to Arlon for free.

For chic outings, succumb to the charm of the silver mother-of-pearl clover bracelet, or the silver square necklace.

For men, both on a daily basis and for occasions

An outing with friends? An evening at the restaurant? Whatever your occasion, art'emi jewelry and accessories – Arlon jewelry – accompany you and emphasize your style. For example, try the oval silver cufflink, embellished with Richard shirt collar whales, two must-have accessories that will enhance your look and subtly attract attention. 

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry to wear on a daily basis? Discover also our men's bracelets and our men's necklaces. All in solid silver 925, you can without altering them enjoy it every day, without moderation.

Jewellery Arlon: from childhood to adolescence

Are you celebrating a birth, a baptism, a birthday? Or do you just want to please one of your children? Do not hesitate to consult our very wide range of children's jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, gourmettes and other customizable jewelry are waiting for you. The art'emi jewelry store has imagined pieces for every day, which all children will love.

For babies, discover for example the silver round gourmette or the silver baby gourmette .

From childhood, the little ones already have their character and like to affirm it. That's why we offer a lot of different jewelry, to suit all profiles. For example, the silver horse collar is very suitable for those who have a free and proud personality. On the other hand, the target rope bracelet will delight the youngest in search of independence, who will be able to choose the color of their bracelet. 

There is something for everyone in our online jewelry store, so make your choice without restriction on our site.

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Your artisan jeweler in Arlon: online personalization

Do you feel the desire to acquire new quality jewelry? Are you looking for engraved jewelry near you? Your artisan jeweler Art'emi is present online. By visiting our website, you will discover a wide range of personalized jewelry. Express your creativity and order directly on our website. Let yourself be tempted by the desire to offer a unique jewel to the person you love. Shipping is free, why not take advantage of it?

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Bijouterie Arlon: a unique jewel just for you

Do you want to immortalize a drawing, a date, a memory? You have the opportunity to do so. Choose the customization service offered by your artisan jeweler in Arlon to create unique pieces. Thanks to his talent in engraving, Artemis offers you the opportunity to engrave your child's drawing, the date of a meeting or a date of birth on a pendant for example. 

Find the customizable selection of your creation workshop Art'emi online. You have the choice between several precious metals: 

- Solid silver with hallmark 925

- 18 carat gold plated 

- Leather 

- Mother-of-pearl

- Pearls

- Turquoise

- Coral 

- Vermeil

Your artisan jeweler in Arlon: enjoy solid silver jewelry 925

Do you want a solid silver jewel 925? Art'emi your expert jeweler carefully selects her raw material. This outstanding jeweler shares her experience and creativity to offer you the most beautiful creation. Why choose money? 

First of all, this alloy offers you a jewel of superior quality. It also ensures the longevity of your adornments. The raw materials that your artisan jeweler in Arlon selects for his jewelry creations guarantee you robustness and brilliance. 

In addition to the European provenance of its materials, Artemis guarantees their authenticity. You will be able to appreciate the affixing of a hallmark on each of the jewels you order. The quality of the materials and therefore of the jewel is thus proven to you.

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Whether you live in the city center of Arlon, in the district of Hetchegass, Galgenberg or Waschbour or that of the Spetz, our Art'emi jewelry will be delivered to your home. Delivery is also free wherever you live in Belgium, which allows you to enjoy your online purchases with confidence. Check out our beautiful pieces of jewelry now and find the one that suits you.

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