Looking for a jewelry store that can meet all your quality requirements? Enjoy a wide collection of jewlery and accessories in the art'emi online shop. All our products are delivered free of charge. Charleroi jewelry shop: discover the thousand and one wonders of art'emi.

Collections for all ages

The goal of Artémi, a Belgian jewelry designer, is to offer products for both adults and children. On our online shop, you will find jewlery and accessories for men and women, as well as for children. A wedding, a birthday, a baptism, Christmas... Do not miss an opportunity to show your affection thanks to the art'emi collections. 

Charleroi jewelry shop: a choice that takes your breath away

Because each person is beautiful and unique, the art'emi jewelry is full of varied and tailored pieces to suit different personalities. For example, for women who like simple and distinguished jewelry, the silver coral bracelet can only satisfy them. Looking for a gift for a child? Discover the silver horse bracelet that can be matched with the silver rabbit necklace. Two exceptional jewels that correspond completely to a wild and fiery personality. As for charming men, they will fight over the square cufflinks or for the Richard shirt collar whales

You rather like costume jewelry? For children, we recommend the liberty crab bracelet. Women will melt for the double silver butterfly necklace, and men will not be able to resist the hook and loop bracelet.

In short, on our online shop, you will find something to satisfy even your highest expectations.

Our range of customizable products

Every occasion is a good opportunity to show your love. And what better way to do so than the delicate caress of a necklace to remind him or her of your affection? Personalize your jewelry on our website. You can, according to your desires, engrave a word,a drawing, a date... Thanks to the free personalization service of our jewelry and accessories, you can inscribe forever a message of tenderness for a friend, a wife, a nephew... Possibilities are endless. 

See our customizable jewelry page to discover our large collection of engravable creations.

Charleroi jewelry shop: when elegance meets quality

In addition to offering you customizable jewelry to adapt to your style, we are very careful of making them high-quality. For example, all our silver pieces are stamped with the 925 logo. Made of 92.5% pure silver, you will find the finest composition there is. Moreover, our pieces decorated with stones contain the most beautiful crystals. Precious or semi-precious stones, we select them all for their unparalleled beauty and indisputable quality.

Among our colletions, you will find the essential drop stone necklace. It will be your ally for all your social evenings and will certainly make people jealous.

Charleroi jewelry shop: offer without moderation

The art'emi collections are also designed to fit your budget. Indeed, we believe that every man, woman and child should be able to afford and offer unique pieces without feeling restricted by price. This is why we work so hard to offer you all our collections at the most reasonable price. In addition, enjoy free customization and delivery. So, do not hesitate to send an eternal message with our jewels. Offer without moderation customized accessories: a silver money clip, a silver heart key ring or a men's silver slave bracelet.

The whole art'emi collection is just waiting for you.