Double necklace butterfly woman

Double necklace butterfly woman


925 sterling silver 
Pink mother of pearl butterfly and gray pearl for the donut 
The ball is 925 sterling silver
Length of the double chain: 42cm 
Length of the pendant: 20mm 

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Double necklace butterfly women: an invitation to delicacy

Art'emi's double butterfly woman necklace is a little more daring than its little brother with a single chain. It remains very easy to associate but will give more character to the women who wear it. It is composed of a double solid silver chain, mounted with a pink mother-of-pearl butterfly pendant, a grey mother-of-pearl donut and a silver ball. The three small ornaments on this necklace give it a spring and bohemian look.

Art'emi, a breathtaking quality !

The art'emi jewelry store in Brussels highlights its quality jewelry made from exceptional materials. Here, the double chain of the necklace and its pearl are made from solid silver (commonly called sterling silver or 925 silver). This consists of 92.5% silver, supplemented by 7.5% copper. It is this mixture of silver and copper that gives the material the strength necessary to make this jewelry. All our silver creations bear a "925" hallmark as a sign of quality.

The grey donut and pink butterfly pendants are made of mother-of-pearl. Mother-of-pearl is a biocomposite, synthesized by molluscs throughout their lives by lining the inside of their shells. The thin layers of aragonite are at the origin of the iridescence effect, whose luster is pearly. In addition, the word "mother-of-pearl" comes from the Arabic "naqqarah". In English, it is called after the name given to it by the first Queen Elizabeth: mother of pearl.

The double chain necklace in silver and mother-of-pearl butterfly from art'emi, a passionate creation

For a romantic and light look, this is the right jewel. Pleasant to wear and with a touch of originality thanks to the double silver chain, this double butterfly necklace for women will be your best ally this summer. In addition, we remind you that you can have all our creations delivered free of charge wherever you are. Finally, the whole happy family remains at your disposal to answer your questions. So don't hesitate any longer and fly away to the dream with this charming necklace!

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