Silver hook bracelet man
  • Silver hook bracelet man
  • Silver hook bracelet man
  • Silver hook bracelet man
  • Silver hook bracelet man
  • Silver hook bracelet man

Silver hook bracelet man


Waxed cotton rope

Adjustable size

Fish hook

925 Sterling Silver and yellow gold plated

Fish hook

Dimension: 3,5 x 1,5 mm

Weight: 2.7 g

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Silver hook bracelet man : the right sea sho(ice)re !

The men's hook bracelet is THE detail that does everything for sea lovers. This bracelet has an adjustable size. In addition, it is available in 5 colors. No more excuses ! You will necessarily find the bracelet that suits you best. The hook-shaped pendant is available in either solid silver or gold-plated gold. This bracelet is practical and easy to wear on any occasion.

Art'emi has quality flooding down its veins

The art'emi Brussels jewelry store offers you quality jewelry made from exceptional materials. Specially designed to accompany you in your everyday life, the hook hook pendant can be made from 925 silver (also known as solid silver or sterling silver). The latter contains 92.5% silver, supplemented by 7.5% copper. Indeed, pure silver is known to be very malleable. It is this alloy of silver and copper that gives the material the strength necessary to make this jewel. All art'emi silver jewelry bears the "925" hallmark as a sign of quality. Silver does not generate any allergic reactions and is therefore suitable for all skin types.

But the vermeil is also in the spotlight with the hook pendant. This is 925 silver that has been plated with gold with a minimum thickness of 3 microns. The gold used for plating is 18-carat gold, consisting of at least 75% pure gold. Moreover, vermeil does not give an allergy since it is silver covered with gold, two anallergic metals! Finally, another advantage of vermeil is that the bond between the two metals that make it up gives it exceptional strength.

Made of waxed cotton, the string is nevertheless strong and flexible.

The men's hook bracelet : a sure bet !

The men's hook bracelet will quickly become your essential accessory. The wide choice of colors will only delight and satisfy you. In addition, you can have all art'emi creations delivered free of charge anywhere in the world. Finally, we also remain at your entire disposal to answer all your questions.

Don't forget that the brand also offers a customizable engraving system. This is where it happens. If you liked this bracelet, you will also like the other bracelets in the summer collection by the sea, such as the shell bracelet.

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