You love jewelry and accessories and you are looking for something original and unique? Oupeye jewelry store: art'emi personalizes its jewelry and accessories for you. We engrave your jewelry according to your desires and personalization is free. To give everyone the opportunity to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry, we also offer free international delivery.

art'emi personalizes its jewelry and you are the one choosing

We all have a creative soul, but we do not always have the opportunity to express it. With art'emi, you have a role to play in the creative process. Indeed, you can choose the inscription that will appear on the jewel of your choice. You want to write a quote that you have at heart or a word that you like? You can. It is up to you to choose and illustrate the bracelet, necklace, identity bracelet or any other piece of jewelry from our vast collection. 

You can, among other things, opt out for the customizable round men's cufflinks with a personalized men's silver money clip to give to a man, and have them engraved with his initials or write a thoughtful note on them. 

You can also create complementary jewelry. Indeed, you can engrave the same two pieces and give one to a close friend or your spouse. This way, you will have a unique creation that will remind you of the other person. In the same way, your loved one will have an original and personalized souvenir. 

Moreover, several jewels from our collection match together. For example, for a complete set of jewelry, you can wear the women's silver drop ring with the silver drop pendulum necklace. The Belgian designer Artémi proposes here a modern, very elegant shape inspired by nature. 

Oupeye jewelry store: creation according to art'emi

You are demanding in terms of quality? So are we. For this reason, we select our materials very carefully. We only use the finest materials like 9 or 18 carat gold, 925 sterling silver or vermeil. You can thus wear our jewels on a daily basis without fearing they will oxidize over time. As for the stones decorating our jewles, they are exclusively either precious or semi-precious. Some pieces are also made with plant cotton fiber or mother-of-pearl. Thus, the art'emi jewelry store offers high-quality creations that will stay by your side for many years.