Round Elegance Necklace
  • Round Elegance Necklace
  • Round Elegance Necklace

Round Drop Stone necklace woman


18-carat rose gold-plated necklace

Pink enamel

Precious stones: Tourmaline, Cat's Eye, Moonstone

Chain length: min - 38.5 cm / max - 43.5 cm

Length of pendant: 5 cm

Size of pendant: 3.5 cm

Weight: 13.3g

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Round dropstone necklace for women: a concentrate of elegance

In order to complete her Drop Stone collection, the designer Artémi Vasilakis has designed the elegant set especially for the return of spring. The women's dropstone round necklace consists of an 18-carat gold plated chain and a round pendant adorned with several semi-precious stones such as tourmaline, cat's eye or moonstone. Artémi likes to play with geometric shapes and the result is breathtaking. A mixture of shapes and semi-precious stones filled with colours.

Exceptional materials for art'emi creations

Made from exceptional materials, art'emi creations are of a rare quality.

It is for example in vermeil that the frame of this beautiful round dropstone necklace for women was made. This is solid silver that has been plated with gold with a minimum thickness of 3 microns. The process is called electrolysis. The gold used for plating is 18-carat gold, consisting of at least 75% pure gold. Moreover, vermeil does not give an allergy since it is silver covered with gold, two anallergic metals! Finally, another advantage of vermeil is that it has an exceptional resistance.

The small semi-precious stones that cover the pendant are cat-eye tourmalines. Tourmaline comes in more colours and combinations than any other gem variety. It is a wonderful and fascinating stone! It protects against harmful energies.

Finally, there is also enamel in this original creation. It allows to add to this jewel a solid and unalterable color in a shape or places that some precious stones could not fill. This also ensures that the design of the jewel is not overloaded.

The round dropstone necklace, a jewel of character

This jewel will be the ideal to accompany you on special occasions. In addition, we remind you that you can have all our jewelry delivered free of charge anywhere in Europe. Finally, we also remain at your entire disposal to answer all your questions.

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