The art'emi jewelry shop makes audacious and timeless jewelry and accessories. What is different from classic jewelry store? It is a whole know-how and the use of noble materials while keeping prices affordable. But the innovative idea that de designer Artémi Vasilakis offers you is to personalize these jewels for free. Moreover, international delivery is free, so that everyone can enjoy them. Fleurus jewlery store: art'emi, an exceptional jewelry designer.

No ordinary jewelry

Are you fed up with your classic jewelry and want something more personal and original? The art'emi jewelry shop offers you to personalize a whole collection of jewelry and accessories. This way, each personalized piece is unique. It is no longer a simple bracelet like any other, it is a jewel at your image: elegant, timeless and full of character. Our collections for men, women and children await you. So, customize for your whole family jewelry and accessories that look like them. Visit our website to discover our whole panel of customizable jewels.

With art'emi, you can write up to 10 characters on each side of a bracelet. It can be a date of birth, a first name or any other message that inspires you on a women's silver slave bracelet or a men's silver first name identity bracelet. Artémi will be happy to engrave all your ideas. So, let your imagination run wild and crate a unique piece of jewelry at your image with us.

What is more, a personalized art'emi piece of jewelry is an original gift that intimately ties you to the person you are giving it. By engraving a word of friendship or a word of love, these customizable jewels and accessories become a souvenir.

Fleurus jewelry store: art'emi accompanies you in your everyday life

Thanks to the use of noble materials such as 9 or 18 carat gold, 925 sterling silver or vermeil, our jewels stand the test of time. The precious or semi-precious stones we use will make you shine on all occasions.

Thus, an art'emi jewel is much more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a jewel that will live by your side the most beautiful occasions. From family celebrations to everyday little moments of joy, all our creations will accompany you all the way.