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Do you want to please by offering a gift that comes from the heart? An opportunity is approaching and you want to appear in your best light for an evening? Discover all the creations art'emi, to offer or to offer without moderation. Braine l'Alleud jewellery: also take advantage of free delivery to your home in Walloon Brabant.

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There are plenty of opportunities to show your love to a woman who makes your heart beat. Here are some suggestions:

For his birthday, give him the silver mother-of-pearl clover bracelet, an original and creative jewel that will elegantly embellish his wrist. For Mother's Day, think of the personalized silver heart keychain , so that she never loses her keychain again. A birth gift? We have bracelets for all moms. Personalized girl character gourmet, personalized boy character gourmette and personalized silver family bracelet, there is something for everyone. Christmas is fast approaching? The adornment consisting of the coral silver necklace and coral long earrings will perfectly adorn her outfit.

To offer to a man, we also have a whole range of accessories and jewelry, able to satisfy all his desires. Father's Day is coming soon and you don't have a gift for him yet? Choose sobriety with the personalized silver bill clip. Your loved one's birthday is an opportunity not to be missed. This is your chance to impress him. So, think of fancy accessories, like our square cufflinks. And for any day, if you want to spoil it, the personalized silver military plate will accompany it on a daily basis.

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A wide range of choices to satisfy men at your artisan jeweler in Liege

You will find all our customizable products in our engraving categories. So you can make your gifts truly unique with a personal message engraved on each side of the jewel. Even the typography adapts to your desires. Indeed, you have the choice between an English engraving and a classic typography. Consult now the jewel or accessory of your choice, and personalize it directly on our site.

In addition, all our silver accessories, bracelets, necklaces, and rings consist of 925 sterling silver, one of the purest alloys you can find for silver jewelry.

With a light maintenance, you will be able to enjoy our jewelry and accessories for many years.

Also for the little ones

Children receive gifts more often than their parents: for Easter, on St. Nicholas' Day, for academic success...  

So, here are some ideas to fill them: on a daily basis, the liberty guitar bracelet adapts to all their movements. 

For occasions, such as Sunday meals, children's engravings are perfect. Infants can also receive beautiful things, so think of the personalized silver round baby gourmet, ideal for a baptism or

Bijouterie Braine l'Alleud: the pleasure of having fun

Are you looking for a gift, not for a loved one, but for yourself? A delicious idea that you should not hesitate to realize. For women, we have a whole collection of refined products, such as the silver slave bracelet, or the rose ball necklace. 

For men, we have thought of everything. Discover, among other things, our men's accessories, ideal to enhance your look and assert your style. For example, the Richard shirt collar whale will elegantly maintain any type of collar. The jewelry store art'emi also offers beautiful men's jewelry. Let yourself be tempted by the originality of the wooden bead bracelet, whose colors you can choose via our e-shop.

The creations art'emi have not finished surprising you and will fulfill all your desires. So, do not hesitate to consult them all.

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