You wish to find worked jewelry that will sublimate you on a daily basis? There is a special occasion coming up and you are looking for the perfect accessory to offer him or her? Let yourself be tempted by the art'emi creations. Our online jewelry shop will equally please women, men and children. Whether you are looking for a necklace, a bracelet or cufflinks, you will certainly find what you want browsing our catalogue. Wavre jewelry shop: art'emi delivers to your home, quickly and free of charge.

Quality materials above all

It is normal to expect quality when it comes to jewelry. This is why we pay so much attention to using noble and resistant materials. Composed of more than 92% pure silver, our silver jewels will sublimate you to perfection. We work them with care and precision, so that they suit you as well as possible. Fine and delicate, or rather trendy and worked, our various jewels have something to make you satisfied. And thanks to personalization, it is even possible to have an eternal message engraved in the metal. Each piece of jewelry tells a story, create your own now.

We combine quality and creativity to provide you with original jewelry that will bring elegance and finesse to your outfit. It is the final touch that you must absolutely choose. Find them on our e-shop for all your occasions. The art'emi online shop delivers you as soon as possible, wherever you are and free of charge!

Wavre jewelry shop: personalize your jewels

Want to offer a unique piece of jewelry to a loved one? Find the ideal gift by using our jewelry and accessories personalization service. Let us know the message or the word you wish to see on the jewel, and we will engrave it for you. This will make the jewel a unique item that only the person you will give it to will own. Moreover, the symbolism of this message is strong. What better way to show your attachment than a personalized jewel? 

On all our pieces of men's engravingswomen's engravings and children's engravings, there is a silver plate to be engraved with the message of your choice. Note that it can be engraved on both sides to give you even more possibilities.

Find all our customizable jewels on our website and make your choice. If it is for the woman you love, we suggest the silver drop heart necklace or the silver medal bracelet. For a man, find the silver first name bracelet or the silver rectangular cufflinks to bring refinement to his outfit. Our e-shop includes all kinds of jewelry, designed for everyone. 

Wavre jewelry shop: collections for everyone

Art'emi has been making countless pieces of jewelry for everyone for years. Discover our collections for women, men and children. There is something for every style, find them now in our different categories. Whether it is a gift for Valentine's Day, for a birthday, for a birth or simply to show your affection, let yourself be tempted by our various jewels. With the art'emi creations, you are sure to hit the bull's eye. Find among them our silver girl character name bracelet, our mother-of-pearl clover earrings or our silver heart key ring for women, elegant accessories that will accompany them in all their activities of the day. 

We also know how to enhance men with our whole panel of jewels designed especially for them. Discover in particular our Richard shirt collar whalebones, a great accessory for social occasions, or simply to ensure an elegant look during the day. Our silver slave bracelet is easy to wear in the everyday life. Browse our catalogue, let our creations amaze you and succumb to temptation.