Have you ever heard of art'emi? She is an inspired designer who makes splendid jewelry and accessories for all, men, women and children. Rixensart jewelry shop: art'emi and its wonders are delivered free of charge to your home, wherever you live. So, make sure you have a fabulous style every day by getting one of our creations. 

For art'emi, each jewel has its own story

Since 2002, Artémi Vasilakis has been making jewelry and accessories in her workshop in Brussels. She has therefore been involved in the process of personalizing jewelry for long. Having worked with many clients, she has the required expertise to create the piece of jewelry that will best meet your expectations. Thus, she subtly blends her refined style with the personality of each individual. Discover in particular our women's engravings collection, ideal pieces to offer to a friend. Among our engravings for men, you will not be able to resist the charm of our customizable square cufflinks. Discover them, and all our collections, quickly on our e-shop. 

By the way, what do we mean by the art'emi personalization process? First, it is a meeting, then a story behind each personalized piece. A meeting with a passionate designer who has innovative ideas, and a story too because behind each piece of jewelry, there might be a wedding, a baptism or a birthday to celebrate. So, for all your occasions, art'emi is there for you. Mark your unique moments with our singular personalized jewelry. 

Rixensart jewelry shop: exceptional pieces

The art'emi jewelry captivates with its unique jewels. Resulting from exceptional materials and meticulous craftsmanship, our jewels are splendid. A know-how that Artémi Vasilakis has learned at the Brussels Academy of Arts and at the Antwerp Institute of Gemology (HRD). She uses advanced techniques and overflowing creativity to produce marvelous creations. Thus, each piece is created by hand in roder to offer you a handcrafted and authentic jewel.

The noble materials we use include 9 or 18 carat gold, 925 sterling silver or vermeil. Some jewels also involve vegetable cotton fiber and mother-of-pearl. Finally, precious and semi-precious stones come and complete some of our creations. Everything is done to make you shine at your best.

You will have understood, an art'emi jewel is much more than just a jewel. It is a story of entrepreneurship and passion.